CROSA ROSA. Photo Credit: Chris Clough

We’ve spent the past fifteen minutes tryna come up with a lame Halloween themed joke to start this Top Three, but it was a spooktacular failure. Good thing there’s plenty of ace Notts music to write about then, init?

This week sees some pretty epic shows for a number of bands. Read alllllll about it below.


FIELD STUDIES – the brooding, incredibly talented, almost like Radiohead with a slice of fuzzy misery band, take over The Bodega for a headline show this week, and it is gonna be all kinds of EPIC. You’ve probably heard of the phrase “wall of sound”, well that’s exactly what FS create. A massive wall of sound that engulfs your eardrums, your mind, and probably some other nondescript parts of your body too. Incredible sonic backdrops, paired with one of the most haunting, and beautiful vocals you’ll ever hear. And we hear they’ve been working on lots of new music. We. Cannot. Wait.

Pssst, there’s some supports to be announced shortly too.

The Bodega
Wednesday 2nd November
Doors: 7pm
Price: £7.75


Rough Trade are back again with their ‘Live Triple Bill’ series, where, get this – they bring three, live acts, together to perform for you. See what they did there?

Kicking things off this week are the eclectic Indie soundscapes of SONDER. She is an incredible live artist. Guitar riffs for days, some proper foot-stomping moments, and then that voice – THAT VOICE MAAAAAAN. It’s kinda haunting and soothing at the same time. And she already has a bunch of ridiculously catchy tunes, too. Check out her Future Session HERE, to see what we mean.

#FSN2016 champs SUPER FURNITURE are up next. The ‘Alternative’ band have been putting the bloody work in, ain’t they? They seem to be gigging 64 times a week… okay, maybe not that many but ya get the point. These fellas are putting in the effort and it shows, including in their songwriting. Have a listen to new single ‘Sleepless’ to hear how they’re developing… I’m off to go and impersonate Herbie’s falsetto.

Headlining we have Indie Rock n Roll three-piece SAME STREETS. Loved by Fred Perry, This Feeling, and basically anyone who’s anyone in Indie music – these gents are on their way to big tingalings. Punchy, full of rockstar swagger, and with some ridiculously catchy melodies too. these guys will give you full-on rockstar envy. The only way to compete – make sure you show off some top level air guitar!

Rough Trade
Wednesday 2nd November
Doors: 7pm
Price: free


This Friday, CROSA ROSA join a small number of Notts artists to headline Rescue Rooms main stage, and they’re bringing AUTUMN DIET PLANS along for the ride too.

CROSA ROSA engulf us into a fuzzy psychedelic wonderland, full of distortion, riffs a plenty, and some damn pretty dresses too (CONTEXT). And they’re proper rockstars – they have a HUGE stage presence, so we’re proper buzzing to see them take on that RR main stage. Oh – and try and get their new single out of your head. We’ve been looking very odd as we walk down the street screeching “WALK LIKE A LADY”.

AUTUMN DIET PLANS also bring the fuzz and riffs, slight difference with these guys though – they’re from space… no, really. They landed from the International Space Station a few months ago and since they’ve been chilling down here on planet Earth, making riff-heavy jams for us all to lose our minds too. Ace.

Baba Naga from Sheffield are also playing.

Rescue Rooms
Friday 4th November
Doors: 6:30pm
Price: £6.75

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

PS – SLEAFORD MODS play Rock City this week… twice. Yes… TWICE. A slice of Notts music history, and, if you’re quick, you can still be a part of it as the Friday show still has some tix left.