SAWYER. Photo Credit: Unknown

What even is February? The New Year’s Res’ failed, bad decisions have been taken and mistakes made, and ‘Dry January’ somehow turned into drinking every day (it’s okay, me too). For this, we prescribe a night at any, or all of these gigs by wonderful local artists.


THE VARLETTS are bloody everywhere at the moment it seems, with support slots all around NG1, but it’s finally time for their headline show! They’ve just released some new tunes, with the brooding ‘City of Sin’ as well as ‘Accused of Effeminacy’ which has some great guitar riffs, a certain Libertines vibe and some punk poetry sprinkled in the middle! You will be transported to the 00’sas your ears are consumed by raw alternative rock noise, don’t miss it!

Brand new band PLASMA TIGER are bringing themselves too. We really don’t know what to expect. We think there’s going to be funky, garagey vocals, Oasis-like guitar lines and erratic rhythms, get excited for this listening experience! Oh yeah, and ya may recognise a certain beatboxing frontman…

Maze regulars THE RESCUE are bringing up the rear, transporting their Alt-Rock soundscape to Mansfield Roads favourite haunt! A husky voiced Ollie Slaney decorates the upbeat sounds of Charlie Harris, Owen Downs and Jake Rutt. They’re sure to bring a show and the people of The Maze absolutely love ‘em!

The Maze
Wednesday 8th February
Doors: 730pm
Price: £3 adv/ £4 OTD


AMBER RUN only just had their massive Acoustic Rooms shindig with all their friends but they couldn’t stay away and are already back for a big old show at the legendary Rock City! With a new album bundled in their arms, they’re ready to open up and show the world, and no place better to do it! The new album ‘For a Moment I Was Lost’ is about hope, moving on and the price of suffering for art… it’s probs gonna get real deep. It’s sure to be a time machine of sounds as they reflect on earlier sounds, telling stories of recent, all whilst trying to evolve as naturally as possible. New single ‘Perfect’ has beautiful harmonies to a brooding bass line, sweet guitar licks to body shuffling breakdowns – if this song is any indication of the album, we’re in for a treat.

Gracing the stage alongside the Amber lads are Island from London and Meadowlarks from Bristol!

Rock City
Friday 10th February
Doors: 630pm
Price: £14.85 incl booking fee


Think that Valentine’s Day is dumb? Me too, and so do the Nottingham Trent University Music Society, so they’re putting on an ‘Alternative Valentine’s Party”. There is even a singles table where you could find your soulmate, or have a laugh with other spinsters; either way, there’s an ace soundtrack all night long!

Hailing from Hucknall, THE RUFFS will be toying your hearts tonight. With Gallagher-esque vocals, you can hear the angst and tumultuous, yet playful lyrics of ‘Alligator’ and other songs. They’ve got new music on the cusp of coming out so it’s looking like it’ll be a whole new set list to previous gigs. They’ve even graced the Rock City main stage! You’ll want a beer in hand and a mate to sing along with for these guys.

SAWYER will join the fun too with their beautiful ambient folk – imagine Bears Den but with these impossibly deep and Leonard Cohen-like vocals. The pipes on these two are so beautifully different, with the deepest thickest of vocals contrasted with soulful, quavering harmonies. The latest release ‘Where the Yetis Speak’ is truly well put together; with moments so fragile then suddenly harsh drum lines that feel like a thumping headache that won’t go. These two will really pull at your heartstrings.

And kicking the night off in all its unrequited tears and sadness is SANJEE ANAND, the king of Nottingham Trent Uni Music Society and expert Nott’s gig-goer and gigger! He will bring you all matter of originals with incredible guitar skills. Expect some proper Ed Sheeran vibes.

Joining him is LUKE PETER FOSTER; having recently played Sofar Nottingham, you must keep an eye on this guy cause he’s gonna get biiiiiig! Like huge! Defining himself as Alternative Rap, with tangling lyricism, and beats beyond us mere mortals, he’s a joy to watch live!

The Sheafs are bringing indie-alternative bangers from Sheffield for the night.

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind (one of the best band names I’ve heard in a while) are coming all the way from Liverpool for the occasion!

All the way from Mexico City are Las Carnes and their creepy indie punk sounds!

Spanky Van Dykes
Saturday 11th February
Price: £4.50 OTD/ £3 advance (Students £3 OTD/£1.50 advance)
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Alice Robbins x