This week we’ve got yet MORE Notts musical love for ya, including an EP launch, a lovely little Maze show and a battle to the death. No… wait… a battle OF THE BANDS. Sorry.


To celebrate the launch of CLAY SHAPED BOY’sInto The New‘ EP, there will be a free entry launch night at The Bodega. Yay!

For those unaware, CLAY SHAPED BOY is the musical project of Lawrence Libor; an Indie Soul Pop solo artist signed with Parloscope Records. Lawrence provides heart-flutteringly gentle vocals amidst some seriously feel good beats. Lawrence will be showcasing some brand spanking new material to dazzle us in preparation of his anticipated EP ‘Into The New’. Check out his new video for ‘Freedom’, wherein he and various others get covered in what looks like a butt-tonne of flour. That’s an irresponsible waste of a pancake ingredient if you ask us, but whatever.

Supporting first is RJMARKS, a four-piece band fronted by singer/songwriter RICHARD HOWELL – someone you might’ve seen dazzling crowds at yer local pub. These guys are a music collective formed at the peak of Nottingham’s musical achievements with ambition following the likes of mr Bugg. They play a wide variety of Indie inclined songs, moulded by Richard’s effortlessly strong vocal intertwined with Jake, Dicky and Paul’s Rock ‘n’ Roll harmony. Plus they look the part; just check out the tightness of those jeans.

BAYBO SQUAYBO will also be supporting. Their recent EP ‘Limbo’ is a great example of the diversity of the four-piece, broadening from vibrant experimental Rock ’n’ Roll, to heavenly, laid back songs that set them apart from most other Indie bands. Word on the street is these guys will even have a couple of new songs on the setlist for this particular gig. Expect intricately constructed hooking riffs and catchy melodies, with some Pink Floyd-esque experimentation and a vocal resonant of Matt Bellamy mixed in. Oh, and it’s LOUD.

Nottingham’s finest Finnish Trinidadian songstress I AM STARZ will also be providing her Atmospheric Indie songs, carried by her gorgeously high pitched vocal. She’s only sixteen, and she’s been living in Nottingham since she was about two, where she discovered her talent for creating distinctively relaxing and thought provoking music which deceives her age. Currently unsigned, but we have a feeling that won’t be for long… She’s definitely one for fans of Daughter and Marina & The Diamonds.

The Bodega
Friday 10th July
Doors: 18:30
Admission: FREE!


The Maze is bringing you more goodies from your local music scene this Friday too, if the above didn’t take yer fancy.

Nottingham nine Piece Mashup Party band UKNOWN ERA will be playing their Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Gypsy sound-combo to get you dancing your faces off. This nine – yes, nine-piece band contains former members of bands such as BREADCHASERS, MOKSHAH, FRANKIUM and more… Their sound mixes elements of Reggae, Hip Hop, Ska, Gypsy, and Swing, to present to you a premeditated mash-up of scrumptious musical fun, I repeat, for your dancing pleasure. Get on those tables.

STUCK IN 2ND will also be playing – a Reggae/Surf/Dub foursome influenced by sunshine and sand. These Long Eatoners combine Djembe, Guitar, Bass, and Vocals to trick your ears into thinking you’re on some far away beach, sipping rum and pretending you’re cool and well-balanced enough to surf. It’s essentially music that’s been specially made to put a smile on yer face.

Also present will be the wildly fun FIGHTING EVIL IS COOL! – a six piece ska/punk band recently described as : “Madness-meets-Bananarama on Angel Dust”. I can’t name a single other band that can get you dancing with a song dedicated to a penis (‘peñor’), or about lobsters feeling pain when they’re boiled alive (‘Lobsters’). These guys create fun lyrical content and combine it with excellent Ska-like , Trombone-lead music; you won’t know whether to be in awe of their talents or laugh at their down-to-earth brilliance.

Also playing will be Counting Coins from Hull.

The Maze
Friday 10th July
Doors: 20:00
Admission: £6


MACMILLAN FEST BOTB – This Monday will see the start of a battle. It will be a battle… of bands. There will be one winner to rule them all. It will not be like Lord of The Rings, like I am making it out to be. But, it will still be massively exciting.

There are two nights of this particular musical bloodbath, so read carefully…

On the 6th July at 19:30:

FOREVER IN THE MAKING will be performing – four guys, one gal; one hell of a lot of noise. The recent video release for their song ‘Attack the System’ shows a bit of expert guitar-shredding, energetic frontwoman sass and some amazing pink hair, but come down to see if they’ve got what it takes to win.

Without Grace from Birmingham and Bone China will also be playing.

On the 8th July at 19:30:

On this night you’ll see Emo/Post Hardcore four-piece LITTLE BRIBES, named after that Death Cab For Cutie song you sometimes have a little cry to…(just me?). I’ve not managed to find much information about them other than allegedly their interests include Owl Sanctuaries and Spice Museums… but I have heard that they’re high energy, loud, but overwhelmingly heartfelt.

VENTS will also be performing their four-piece Riff-Rock, influenced by the holy likes of Black Sabbath, QOTSA, White Stripes, and Led Zeppelin. If you like your melodies loud and your drum beats unforgiving, you’re gonna go ape-shit for these guys.

Joining this line up is Heavy Pop Punk trio ON THE OPEN ROAD, who are influenced by the likes of A Day To Remember and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Rumour has it they had just finished day one recording their second EP last Wednesday, which was the hottest June day in like, ever. Must have been a bit of a struggle in a pokey little studio! They’re crazy. Dedicated, but crazy.

RUNofthestatic from Hull/East Riding of Yorkshire will also be playing.

The Maze
6th and 8th July
Doors: 19:30
Admission: £4

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x