BILLIE. Photo Credit: Jamal Sterrett

It might be well miserable out your windows at this time of year – but stop your moaning – there’s loads of New Notts Music waiting for ya, so grab ya coat, put yer hat on and get out the door.


BILLIE is launching her debut EP this week, and to celebrate, she’s throwing an intimate launch party in Rescue Rooms bar.

If you’re unfamiliar with BILLIE’s beaut sounds, you’re in for a right treat. She’s a singer-songwriter, with one of the most haunting voices that your ears ever will have the pleasure of hearing. It’s a bit cliche, but she’s got a voice that tells you so much more than words can. So much so – we won’t be surprised if the room is left silent the moment she takes to the stage. Plus, ya can take home a physical EP with ya too.

She’s also bringing along three female singer-songwriter supports, all of whom are bound to tickle your musical tastebuds in one way or another. First up is CHLOE RODGERS-RATCLIFFE – who, similar to BILLIE has total-leave-the-room-silent vibes. And, she’s just been on one of the new Oreo adverts. Yup, oreos. Amazing. Following we have a new artist who goes by the name of ELANA. She’s a bit of a mysterious one (cos there’s not much on her social media, not that she’s an evil scientist or anything), but, there are a few clips floating about online, and she sounds like she’s got a proper beaut voice. Finally, KATE AUBURN will take to the stage pre-BILLIE. With a Folk-y sound twanged with plenty of interesting genres (we’re digging the Country influence), Kate is bound to bring all the right vibes to stage.

Rescue Rooms
Monday 7th November
Price: free
Doors: 8pm


If you’re more fond of the louder genres, Notts has got ya covered too. As LITTLE BRIBES and WE ARE CARNIVORES take over The Maze.

Ya may recognise WE ARE CARNIVORES as the hip-thrusting superheroes in our latest Future Session. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The three-piece make a sort of Math-Punk, laced with catchy melodies, that will no doubt be stuck in yer head for days on end. And – the live performance, that’s one of the best bits, whether it’s their dancing, crowd interaction, or maybe just the beautiful facial expressions, you’re proper in for a treat.

LITTLE BRIBES don’t hip-thrust quite as much as WAC… at least we don’t think they do. But, what we do know is that they make a sort of Emo/Post-Hardcore that makes us wanna mosh away our sadness, with smiles on our faces… if that makes any sense at all. We’re told they’re due to start work on their debut album soon, AND, apparently they’ll be letting us in on a sneaky peak of some new material at the show. Worth the entry price? Most definitely.

Scholars from Hemel Hempstead are also playing.

The Maze
Tuesday 8th November
Price: £6otd
Doors: 7:30pm


Rebound returns to The Bodega this week, and they’ve got a killer lineup to mark it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rebound, for the past year or so, they’ve been putting on Grime nights round Notts, rammed full of the sickest MC’s, producers, DJ’s that they can find, and then throwing them into one of vibiest rooms you’ll ever find yourself in.

This one’s called ‘The Warmup Party!’, cos they’ve got some HUGE headliners on the way apparently. But don’t think cos this is a warmup it’s not a strong lineup, cos they have got a ridiculously strong lineup of some of Notts’ fiercest MC’s. Wednesday sees YOUTHORACLE, NARTZ, SET115, J DOT, SPLINTA and MEZ all rep Notts Grime scene. It’s gonna be a mad one. Get on it.

The Bodega
Wednesday 9th November
Price: £5
Doors: 11pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

PS – The Notts Factor 2016 final takes place this Sunday. Traditionally they’ve had really strong lineups, but as we go to print, the lineup is not out there yet. Keep an eye on the FB event for updates HERE.