Hello comrades! How ya been?

Welcome to the first Top 3 of our new incarnation, our weekly guide to 3 of Nottingham’s best gigs this coming seven days.

On Monday (9th) there’s a fundraiser hosted by DELTA SUN at The Maze, in aid of the tsunami that hit Japan. ‘Jammin For Japan’ will see some big Notts names take to the stage to try and warm your hearts and raise money for the country that was so devastated in March. A band that
nail the male/female vocal contrast vibe that I love so much, Check out their Future Session with Notts Unsigned here.

THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS are a mellow, dreamy acoustic band with some Country vibes to their sound. SATNUM’S TASH will contrast the above with some happy Ska, Indie, Punk that will make you forget it’s been raining these past few days. JONATHAN MILLET is a singer/songwriter and has a lovely, rugged voice which accompanies some beautifully plucked chords.

AARON SMITH, another acoustic gem, brings more of a Simon and Garfunkel sound with him, which you’re welcome with warm arms. MARC REEVES is a great songwriter and equally strong vocalits, a regular on the Nottingham scene if you’re yet to catch Marc this is your chance! LITTLE WING and DANNY LOOSELEAF ain’t from Notts, and so sadly we can’t talk about them any further…

WILBERFORCE THE 3RD and KABEN are either crazy hard to find on the internet, or they’re just not internet people, either way we’re sure they’ll be great.

Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets/ Entry: TBC

Next, HHYMN will be having their long-awaited album launch on Friday (13th) at The Malt Cross. A Nottingham act on a Nottingham label having their Nottingham launch, Nottingham cubed. We like this plan a lot.

We’ve already heard the album, its gorgeous. Expect rhythmic, soulful Folk which touches the soul and makes your heart happy at times, sad at others. A more mellow, thoughtful Mumford and Sons.

Supporting them, POPPY SEED will play some cute, effortless Acoustic/Folk which will warm up the night nicely and get you in the mood for a beautiful night.

Doors: 7pm
Tickets: FREE

And finally Off Cut Records brings a night of music celebrating their birthday on Friday (13th) at Spanky Van Dykes.

GECKO are a band of many genres including Reggae, Samba, Indie, Soul and Hip Hop – now that’s what we call diverse! LIAM AND THE STABILIZERS will be celebrating the birthday in style seeing as they feature the label’s founder! Playing you a lot of Ska and Reggae and feel good, summer tunes, you’ll feel on holiday. But actually you are on Goldsmith street steps away from ‘death by tram’ or alternatively a low-carbon method of transportation home.

MUCUS MULES, a Folk super group, will help you to wind down a little and enjoy some peace and quiet with their pretty tunes. SAINT RAYMOND, a young Notts duo, will play some truly beautiful songs with a rhythmic guitar that’ll keep you swaying and endearing vocals that will keep you smiling.

Doors: 7.30pm
Tickets: £3

Liz Riordan