LNC. Photo Credit: Unknown

Lots of riffs, lots of skanking, and lots of Metal. x


LNC – LESBIAN NIGHT CLUB (yes, that’s the band name) are taking over The Bodega this Tuesday for a rockstar night of raucousness. The kinda music that makes ya wanna get a stiff pint, have a good mosh w/ your mates, and probs end up on stage belting along with the band. Not bad for a Tuesday, ay?

Supporting are SUBCULTURE – a band – that even though they just recently formed, make tunes that sound like they’re from a 70s Mod Pop supergroup. Incredibly catchy choruses and guitars, plus the kinda danceability that makes ya wanna put ya trouser braces on and have a boogie.

Tuesday 18th June
The Bodega
Price: £4.50
Doors: 7pm


Ike Productions’ ‘Metal to the Masses’ are at their final stage – and they’re showcasing said finalists at The Maze this Saturday. It’s a killer lineup – and the champ will go on to play a slot at Bloodstock Open Air 2019.

You’ve got everything from the BEEFY riffs of MYOK (who, ya know, are basically Daniel P Carter’s fav new band), through to the legendary assault of HOUND MASTER. Plus, there’s a special guest headline set from WITCH TRIPPERS, Mansfield’s finest Grunge-y strummers (not meant to sound as dodge as it does). Full lineup HERE.

Saturday 22nd June
The Maze
Price: £7otd
Doors: 7pm


This Sunday, The Maze are putting on the final ever… Ska Sunday, which provides… Ska, on a Sunday. SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE?

They’re going out in proper slick style with a monster lineup – including some reunions, especially for the night. The old-school legends in BREADCHASERS with their Ska-Reggae-Fusion-Explosion (our fav genre), through to FIGHTING EVIL IS COOL, a band who provide tunes just as sick as their band name. There’s also the Pop-Punk-y goodness of THE RUTHERFORDS – a band that have a photo of Elton John as their profile picture? What more can ya ask for, ay? Full lineup HERE. Go skank it out xxx.

Sunday 23rd June
The Maze
Price: £10 otd
Doors: 230pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x