DON’T FORGET RUPERT. Photo Credit: Beki Doig

Ahhh it’s December… Wait. IT’S DECEMBER? Okay no need to worry about your xmas shopping yet, for now, drown your worries, sorrows, and xmas fears into this awesome lineup of gigs. x


Badass, energetic, freakin’ catchy – thats probs the best triplet to use to describe AS DECEMBER FALLS. Who off the back of a mostly sold out UK tour – are bossing their way down to Rough Trade with all the Pop-Punk goodness those lovely little tabs of yours could ever ask for. Trust us – you’ll have some of these melodies (especially them breakdowns) in your head for daaaaaays.

Supporting are SAINTS BAY, MOLARS, and THE MOCKING JAYS. Here’s the lowdown. SB – mega catchy Indie goodness, more than a little reminiscent of early Alex Turner swagger. M – Pop-Punk-y, Emo-y, but still with a fair bit of melody-y lovelieness. TMJ – hook-y, swag-y, and full of beef-y riff-y ness. Y.

Rough Trade Nottingham
Monday 3rd December
Price: £7
Doors: 7pm


This week sees something well special. ESTHER VAN LEUVEN returns to live Notts music (post a beautiful performance at Hustle). With her unique brand of Dark-Indie that stuns your eardrums, and probs your soul at the same time – as they’re caressed by an array of beautiful instrumentation and melodies. Prepare yourself for something magical.

Supporting are JONNY OLLEY and ADAM PETER SMITH. Both incredible performers and songwriters. The former, a bit of a king at that Bluesy goodness, paired with a bit of local lad swagger. Plus, some bloody awesome rock-out-ability. Adam, he’s a v soulful singer-songwriter, a beautiful vocal, and also some heart-warming at times lyrics. What a lineup.

The Bodega
Thursday 6th December
Price: £4.40
Doors: 7pm


At the start of 2018 DON’T FORGET RUPERT played a mad fun sold-out Bodega show. This Summer, they played a mental (in the best way) Rescue Rooms show. Now, to round off this sick year in style – they’re back at Bodega for what is sure to be an equally mad, equally fun, equally shirtless Pop-Rock extravaganza. Prepare your chest hair and sing-along voices, you’ll need both.

Supporting are FOR THE GIRL and AVA SAINT. The former – equally as bossman at the super catchy Pop-Rock vibe. The latter, really really good at the aggressive but still melodic badass Alt-Rock and Roll tip.

The Bodega
Friday 7th December
Price: £7.15
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x