Advice Talks:

MISTAJAM – Our Interview with Mista Jam is HERE.

MICHAEL EAVIS – Our Interview with Michael Eavis is HERE.

VICKY MCCLURE – Our Interview with Vicky McClure is HERE.

JAMAL EDWARDS – Our interview with Jamal Edwards is HERE.

SEF NAQUI (ex So Solid Crew) – Our Interview with Sef Naqui is HERE.

JARED LETO – A two min video with thought provoking insights from the Thirty Second to Mars front man on record label deals, certainly old skool ones, HERE . This clip is from the 2012 documentary ‘Artifact’ that Leto filmed about his struggles with the music industry.

All our Nusic Academy advice videos are in this youtube playlist, inlcuding advice from magazine editors, radio djs and Tom Odell, which you can find HERE.

On the way we have for you interviews with Shane Meadows and a Bafta winner!


MEDIA CONTACTS: We have updated our ‘Press Support‘ page (which facebook killed off) and relaunched it as Nusic Academy Media Support, it is HERE. Every media contact we know of locally and regionally is in there. We are working on updating the national side of things.

– FUNDING: We are developing a list of funding sources here , this is a work in progress so pls bare with.

READING (& Video) LIST: We’re building a reading list of useful music industry related books (plus video clips), the Nusic Academy Reading List is HERE.

INSPIRATION: Our success board (also killed off by facebook, Zuckerwatsit must be from Derby or sumat) has been replaced by our new #Good Vibes features on facebook, twitter and here on

CO-OPERATIVE: We hope to reinvigorate our Nusic Co-Operative in 2017.

 – MUSICIAN HELPING ENTITIES: In the same spirit as our media contacts page, in 2017 we plan to compile a comprehensive list of entities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, who support local musicians. Ranging from the music Hubs like Nottingham Music Service and Nottinghamshire Music Hub, to community studios like CRS, through to colleges that support local musicians like Confetti, NCN and Bilborough.