Nusic Advice Guides, supported by Arts Council England, hope to help Notts musicians on the topics they have told us they need help with.

ADVICE GUIDE 1 – Starting┬áto Make a Living from Music

ADVICE GUIDE 2 – Getting a Manager (if Appropriate)

ADVICE GUIDE 3 – Getting Your First Radio Play

ADVICE GUIDE 4 – Getting Your First Record Deal (if Appropriate)

ADVICE GUIDE 5 – Six Things Every Musician Should Know About Music Law

ADVICE GUIDE 6 – Getting Your First Gigs

ADVICE GUIDE 7 – Your First Contracts

ADVICE GUIDE 8 – Getting Your First Media Coverage

ADVICE GUIDE 9 – Getting Your First Radio Plugger (if Appropriate)

ADVICE GUIDE 10 – Releasing Music Independently – Absolute Musts