The Nusic Academy is supported by PRS Foundation, as part of their ‘Talent Development Partner’ network.

Nusic Academy Surgeries are something new we’ve been experimenting with since 2014, providing free expert one on one advice in areas you have told us you need assistance.

There are three types of surgeries…

  • Private surgeries. 1 on 1, private (funnily enough) conversations with experts in certain fields.
  • Advice Fair Chats – As many local entities that help you and your music (that we know of), all in one place. So ya can go and have a chat with them.
  • Private surgeries with Nusic. 1 on 1, private phone calls or face to face conversations where we will try and advise you as best we can. Email us at for a natter.


Our next opportunity for one on one advice with industry experts will be part of our Workshop on 6th March. More deets tbc.


Nov 29th 2017 – Advice Fair alongside ‘Spotify Masterclass’ Workshop

July 11th 2017 – Advice Fair alongside ‘Releasing Music’ Workshop.

March 8th 2017 – Advice Fair alongside ‘Getting Media Exposure’ Workshop with Radio Plugger, Aaron Labatte (Plug and Play) as a Surgery Speaker.

November 29th 2016 – Advice Fair alongside ‘Funding Your Music’ Workshop with PRS for Music Foundation as a Surgery Speaker.

March 8th 2016 – Advice Fair alongside ‘How to Get Media Exposure’ for Your Music’ Workshop.

November 10th 2015 – Advice Fair alongside ‘How to Get Those (First) Key Breaks’ Workshop.

March 3rd 2015 – Advice Fair alongside ‘How to Get Media Exposure for Your Music’ Workshop.

November 11th 2014 – Law and Finance Surgery (Joint with How to Fund Your Music Workshop).

January 9th 2014 – Music Finance Advice surgery (timed pre Jan 31st tax deadline).

May 15th 2014 – Music Law Advice surgery, deets are here

PS – If you would like a private one on one surgery with Nusic, email