FOR THE GIRL. Photo Credit: Unknown.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, cos it’s basically just off Junction 26, there was a city called Notts, that served all of its people with epic musical listening. If you’ve finally dug out ya coat from the wardrobe and swapped your flip flops for wellies then you’ll know it’s fast approaching the cold wintery months, but not all is going cold.

The Hoodtown music scene is staying pretty damn HOT (I even made myself vom a little with that one), this week it includes a “chakra” based album launch event at Rough Trade, an EP launch at Jam Cafe and an event named after a fish!


Kick starting things is our artist of the Month, TREKKAH who is launching his debut album “The Enlightening” this Tuesday at Rough Trade. Not only is he treating ya to beaut music, he’s also blessing us with “projected visuals” for his fourteen track album. Oh, and “free herbal tea when you arrive”. Bring on the peppermint.

Producer / Vocalist / Instrumentalist, you name it the guys probably done a bloody good job at it. With this album T’s hustle game has been strong as he’s just about collaborated with every man / woman / dog from Notts for it. His goal for the album is to explore our chakras, which basically means moving energy through all of our body… sounds pretty advanced for musical listening, but we reckon it’s worth it.

He’ll be showcasing the whole album, which is an eclectic beauty. The most recent release “Time to Rise” feat JONATHAN JULIAN sounds like a jam from a Bollywood movie with all the spiritual sitar strumming. Can’t wait to see what other tricks he pulls outta the bag on the night… possibly biscuits for our tea?

Rough Trade
Tuesday 18th October
Price: FREE
Doors: 8pm


Nightfish – the new free band showcase at Southbank City returns this week with yet another killer lineup.

Headlining this one are THE MOCKING JAYS, with their funky Indie styled tunes that are catchy as hell and loaded with poppy hooks and powerful guitar. Recent track “Sex on the Beach” takes us to a tropical Island where the boys get… well you know a lil naughty. “The sand, the shore, the waves dancing by” You’ll be wearing your straw skirt and flower headband to this one and you’re probably gonna be singing and dancing all night long too.

FOR THE GIRL are also playing the event, for all your high energy Indie/Pop/Rock needs. The musical quintet are made up of Plenty’s unique ferocious vocals, Hall’s rare crunchy and melodic style of playing guitar, Funky bassist Wells, King’s scratchy distinctive guitar stylings and Foxy’s old school Rock drumming. In short the band make one hell of a musical concoction.

Southbank Bar
Tuesday 20th October
Price: FREE
Doors: 8:30pm


With their brand spanking new E.P ‘Portrait of an Autumn Queen‘ out on Friday, THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS are having a launch party at Jam Cafe to celebrate.

A dreamy acoustic band that will fill all your soulful Flamenco/Folk/Blues needs. Their songs are filled with passion that will inevitably pull at your heartstrings – you have been warned! With soaring and soft vocals from Matthew Taylor and guitar playing layered to the high heavens from Lee Noon and Jade Bowman, brought together by the beautifully played bass lines of James Pheasant and the persistent percussion of Jason Allum. Their songs are often drenched in tales of love and rejection, so bring your tissues and maybe delete your ex’s number before they make you get a lil too reflective.

With a voice not too dissimilar to Amy Winehouse, Notts’ own DAISY GODFREY is supporting the band, playing her acoustic soul with guitarist Ryan. Creating effortless and goosebump endorsing Pop by mixing her heartfelt lyrics and distinctive soulful vocals with Ryans riffs on his guitar, the duo are one to watch on the Notts scene.

Jam Cafe
Friday 21st October
Price: FREE
Doors: 7:30pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x