Photo Credit: Jay Sanderson.

We chatted to our December Artist of the Month, AS DECEMBER FALLS, about the release of their new live album, headlining Rescue Rooms plus their world-spread fans.

Hey AS DECEMBER FALLS! Big congrats on the release of your live album! It’s a bit of a milestone achievement – is it something you’ve always wanted to make?
Some of our favourite records are live albums, capturing the energy of a show just has that magical element that studio recordings don’t get! A lot of our fans are spread out across the world and we wanted to share the ADF live experience with them even if they can’t make a show!

Headlining Rescue Rooms is a huge moment for any Notts band, how did you find it?
It was an amazing experience. We’ve grown up watching bands on the stage and it was incredible seeing fans travel from all over the U.K. to come and see us.

Asides from headlining RR, what’s been your favourite gig to play?
We love playing MacMillan Festival every few years, it’s always got an incredibly friendly atmosphere and the crowd is always incredible. It almost feels like playing to our family, all 200 of them.

You’ve got fans all over the world, from Argentina to Australia – how have you grown such a widespread fanbase?
As cliche as it sounds, it’s literally just social media. Thanks to the internet, barriers of distance just don’t exist anymore when discovering new music and we’ve been very lucky.

Photo Credit: Dec Burns

So we know you guys all met at NCN in the early days, was there a specific moment when you first realised that the band could really go far?
We probably still haven’t reached that moment. This industry is a massive gamble and if you’re in it for the fame/money you’ll be sorely disappointed. We just love what we do and we’ll take it as far as we physically can.

You’ve had loads of great reception to your music, but what has been the thing that’s got you the most excited?
Getting that first text from our parents going “OMG YOU’RE ON TV” was pretty amazing. In all seriousness though, probably every time we meet a fan that has been overwhelmed to meet us or told us how much our music has affected them.

How important has Nottingham and the Nottingham music scene been in helping you guys get to where you are now?
Nottingham is always our best show on any tour, the love we get from our hometown can’t be rivalled anywhere. We’re very lucky to have such good venues and promoters that work hard with independent artists.

Are there any Notts artists that you’re really loving at the minute?
EYRE LLEW are absolutely smashing it at the moment and we’re really proud of those guys.

What are your plans for 2018?
We’re just about finished writing the debut album. We’re in the studio throughout Feb and March recording and are aiming for a fall release. We’re going on tour as soon as we’re out of the studio so keep your eyes open for some dates over Easter.

AS DECEMBER FALLS live album Live at Rescue Rooms is out now.

Yours in Love of New Music,

Katie Beard x