To start with a bad pun, TIO are anything but invisible with the immense sound that they produce. One of Notts’ finest musical creations, TIO sees twenty odd muso’s from all different musical background come together to make beautifully bombastic tunes.

And, now, in June 2016 – their debut album has arrived. Champagne Taste, Lemonade Money is an album that is as interesting as it’s name.

We’re thrown straight in at the deep end of blissful creation with No Time Like The Present – an epic collage of instruments I have no idea how to pronounce, a ridiculously catchy piano riff, and some beaut vocals from HANNAH HEARTSHAPE.

HARLEIGHBLU takes the vocal baton on track two, and thrusts us into a seductive world of love and twisted metaphors. We’re also reminded that Harleigh has quite the set of pipes on her. And (I can’t explain why) it makes me wanna put on a tux and go to a casino and bet it all on black.

The title track slows us down big time and takes us on a more reflective path. Which is a weird sensation, cos the track is entirely instrumental. But – it makes you feel the feels man. I feel like I just met a girl, fell in love, started planning my wedding and then she sodded off with the fit guy from behind the bar. Bit of a tangent yeah, so tell me, what did this song make you feel? 

Then I Know I Lied  comes along, and it’s like the girl who I fell in love with (for three minutes) heard the wailing (not in a good way) from the bedroom and feels really bad about it – so she’s come to apologise. But I’m having none of her shit.

A few tunes later and Benzo Fury helps us get our skank back on. Within thirty seconds, I’m transported back to many a good times at The Maze with a can of stella in hand, trying my best to work out how to move my feet and hands in time to the beautifully blissful tunes.

My personal highlight comes in the form of album closer War – PERCYDREAD takes on vocal duty, and leads us through a song that makes you wanna march in tune. It’s like an anthem for everyone who’s pissed off with war –  so pretty much… well everyone.

Do I have any idea what the album title means? No, well, maybe, I think it’s a bit naughty. But, one thing I do know – this is an epic album, that will be remembered for a very long time.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x