STOP PRESS – 12:00 22/11/12

KAGOULE have asked us to make this session private and we totally understand why.

We do ‘early in career’ sessions because we believe giving musicians such early opportunities is educational, inspirational and ‘door-opening-able’, we also realise intrinsic to supporting musicians so early is the chance they will evolve to a place where their session no longer accurately represents them.

From Rock City to Xfm to NME to placing them in front of the man who became their manager hopefully KAGOULE feel Nusic has played it’s part in helping them get started, good luck guys! x

Our twelfth Future Session under the Nusic name features the band that wowed the public and expert judges in equal measure during our DOG IS DEAD Comp, KAGOULE really are massive talents for the future, just don’t ask them about gorillas, wrestlers or boxing rings.

NOTE: This session was originally recorded in November 2011 but we had a few problems (understatement of the year!). Thanks to Kagoule for their patience and to everyone who made the session happen second time around.