Well, as we struggle to feel our legs here at Nusic HQ, we can safely say that the return of the Hockley Hustle was an absolute beast!

We thought we’d tell a bit of the story in pictures. Our team was working the festival, so unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get around it all. Our Sam was running the Leftlion stage all day, so, there’s a few phone snaps from there. All the professional ones are thanks to Shaun Gordon.

MAJOR OAK CHORUS kicked things off to a beautifully eclectic start!

ALI BONSAI was up next with his heartbreakingly beautiful tunes.

BETH FRISBY sounded beautiful as always.


Then FRAZER LOWRIE took to the stage for his solo set which blew everyone away!


ONEGIRLONEBOY put on an absolutely stunning performance.

Amber Run - 100 1500

AMBER RUN were beyond epic!

Field Studies - 100 1500
stunned the entire crowd into silence.

Joy - 101 1500
JOY MUMFORD had everybody up and going for it!

Kagoule - 100 1500

KAGOULE absolutely brought the house down!

SP - 101 1500
And SHELTER POINT, well, they brought a man tear or two to our eyes.

Obviously the Hustle is an absolutely huge festival, and there was no way on planet Earth we could get around all of the acts. This is just a very concise overview of SOME of the incredible acts that played. We look forward to hearing your Hustle stories, and seeing your Hustle pics over the next few days.