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Our next Nusic Academy event is a joint Workshop and Surgery. We’re running the two side by side, which means over the course of a few hours, not only can you get the usual knowledge and networking goodness from our Workshop, but you can also get one on one expert advice from music law and finance professionals. Details HERE.

Our workshop focuses on how to fund your music. We all would love to make a living out of doing music, but how can we do that if we’re not bringing any cash in? Due to the rise in popularity of online funding services such as Kickstarter and Pledge Music, there are now more ways than ever to help give your music a financial boost!

Three of our speakers have experience raising five figure sums using crowd funding, those speakers are…

Jared Wilson – Editor In Chief of Leftlion Magazine, who recently raised over £10k to take their magazine monthly.

Greg Lonsdale – Manager of YOUTHORACLE & ROB GREEN, and also part of SCORZAYZEE’s management team who smashed their goal of £8k, doubling it, and reaching over £16k.

Tom Reed – Manager of THE PETEBOX, who recently smashed his PledgeMusic target by 122%

Also included in our Workshop is one of our legendary “Spread The Love” sessions, which admittedly sound a bit dodgy, but trust us, they’re not. It’s all about spreading as much positive energy as possible and hooking musicians up with other music folk whom they might want to meet. Whether you need a producer, manager, PR person, guitarist, whatever, chances are, you’ll find one at the Workshop, and we’ll introduce ya.

The Workshop is FREE, and you can get your tickets from HERE.


The Surgery is all about one of the most important sides of the industry – music law and finance. You can book a 25 minute, one on one appointment with either…

John Buckby – One of the leading music law specialists in the East Midlands, who’s also run his own production company and record label. John has released over 50 records of his own, and has licensed music rights all over the world. Now an intellectual property solicitor at law firm Spearing Waite.

Tim Bellamy – Founder of Artisum, an accountancy firm specifically for the creative industries. Tim has worked with musicians, record labels and promoters across the East Midlands. On a day to day basis Tim has supported artists getting their tax right and provided support in funding applications for start up musicians and companies.

If you want to soak up the knowledge found in one of these sessions, email nusic@leftlion.co.uk, specify which expert you want advice from, and let us know your time preference from 5pm / 5.30pm / 7.30pm / 8pm.

FB Event – HERE

Yours in Love of New Music,
Team Nusic x