It takes about ten seconds on SAINT RAYMOND’s highly anticipated debut “Young Blood” before you’re into the first anthemic woah-oh, and the second those audio waves hit your ears, you know you’re in for a treat. Massive choruses, insanely catchy melodies, and one or two moments that would make even the laddiest lad go “awh”.

“If you like, if you like, I can make it if you like”. Man, I first heard that hook about two years ago, and it still stands out for me as one of THE catchiest refrains ever. Top that with very relatable lyrics for anyone around their early twenties, and I think it’s fair to say – this could very easily become the anthem of today’s youth.

Fall At Your Feet” is next up at track three. Anyone who knows a bit about Saint will know every single word to this, and if you don’t, you’ll defo recognise the melody (from your secret late night ITV sessions/getting drunk in a field somewhere). Three tracks in, and you’ve already heard three of the catchiest, most resonant Indie-Pop tunes of the decade. Not bad value for £7.99 is it?

Don’t Fail Me Now” and “I Want You” follow in succession. Both huge songs, which I can totally imagine screaming along to at a festival after one too many mineral waters. Also, does anyone just think of that SUPER CREEPY guy in the supermarket everytime they hear “I Want You“? No, just me? Okayyyy.

As We Are Now” is the standout track on the album for me. Callum explains it as “this is about when all my mates fucked off to Uni (sorry for swearing Mama Burrows!) and left me here on my own.” When I first heard the track back in Jan 2014, I, just like loads of late-teens around the country, had just gone through the same gut-wrenching times. “We’ll never be as young as we are now” – a line as simple as that. And I’ve got a man tear. Fuck sake Cal.

Come Back To You” and “Wild Heart” (the FIFA one, if you’re wondering) keep the pace up, the woah ohs going, and the girls (and boys) screaming. Then we come to “Carry Her Home“, a song for which Hugh Grant movies were designed. Callum, a piano, and a few strings. That’s all the song consists of. You could interpret this song in a number of ways, but the way I see it, Callum has wrote one of the sweetest little love songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s about walking a girl home after a night out. Not to get some, but just cos Cal is a Gent. Hugh Burrows? Callum Grant? Okay, let’s just stick with Callum Burrows yeah?

Overall – this album is a banger. It’s amazing to see a lad who lives approximately 4.4 miles from my flat (thanks Google Maps!) doing this well, and making such a huge record. It makes me proud to be from Notts. Almost proud enough to get a tattoo. Almost.

I’m gonna end this review on two things. A cheesy line, and the one other lyric that I feel best sums up the album.

The line – it really awakens your “Young Blood”.

The lyric – “from the start I always knew, I’d come back, come back to you”

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

P.S All deets on where you can buy the album, both digitally and physically are HERE.

P.P.S You can watch two acoustic songs and an interview in Nusic Presents Saint Raymond HERE.