Confession time, we didn’t quite make it for JAKE BUGG. But we knew we were going to see him live in the Market Square this Saturday and to be honest the Clifton lad is so sickingly talented that seeing him twice in a week probably wouldn’t be good for our self esteem.

FRONTIERS had clearly had their Weetabix before getting on stage. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing them many times since they played our first Future Sound of Nottingham back in Feb 2009, we’ve never seen them nail it like this. Remember that girl/ boy at school you thought was kinda cute but then you see them back from Uni and they are like HOT, HOT, HOT. Last night Frontiers were that girl/ boy.

More great songs then ever (those all day writing sessions clearly paying dividends), more energy then ever and all four band members looking like they’re loving it (yes even bassist Jacob was smiling!). It’s one of the things we love about following New Music on a local level, getting the chance to see artists get better and better and in this case better again. Banging set.

Speaking of banging, speaking of getting better every time, SPOTLIGHT KID banged it out of the park and into a different solar system. They were so, so good, unleashing a Tsunami of Sound across the packed Bodega dance floor. So intense, so ferocious, I almost felt I was being abused (in a good way, like those kinky London judges pay for). You may have gathered we enjoyed ourselves, you may have gathered we thought every act was pretty F87king awesome, you may have gathered we’re super-excited about the future for all these artists and our scene in general.

Have a great time at Glastonbury Comrades (this was a BBC Introducing warm-up gig), whilst you live the dream we’re going to try and work out which of you lot the major label A&R we met was there to see…