Hopefully the after effects of Hockley Hustle won’t still be haunting you, so you can go and enjoy even more Notts music. This week there’s a headline show at The Contemporary packed full of Indie Rock, a HUGE Birthday celebration at The Maze (let’s hope there’s cake) and a Country Pop EP launch over at The Lacehouse. If that’s not gonna make you crawl out of bed, what will?


THE HARMONICS are headlining The Contemporary this Thursday. The band are somewhere between Indie Rock and good ol’ fashioned Rock and Roll taking influences from both the old and the new sides of the Rock genre. These guys have some super catchy melodies in their back pocket that will leave you singing for days.

Support comes from Indie Rock and Roll trio THE CHASE. These lot have got a ton of ambition that really comes through in their music. After forming all the way back in 2007 when they were proper youngsters, the band have developed a traditional Grungey Rock sound with a Gallagher-esque vocal.  

SAME STREETS will be bringing their unmistakeable Rock’n’Roll to the evening. The trio, who take influences from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, have a real raw but refined sound with a unique vocal and memorable hooks.

There’s some Indie Pop for you up next from CLIMBING BABEL. These guys are influenced by Pop-Punk bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 but give an Alternative and more Pop sounding style along with catchy riffs.

SMITH & GROVES – are a band that, despite spending what felt like hours typing different versions of this band name into every thinkable search engine (yeah, even Bing!), we can’t find anything about these lot.

The Contemporary
Thursday 15th October
Tickets: £6
Doors: 6pm


Phlexx are celebrating their second Birthday this week with an absolutely HUGE party over at The Maze. We can even sing Happy Birthday and not get sued a £10 Gazillion. Phlexx have put on a ton of gigs over the past two years and have been a massive supporter of the Notts Music scene. They’re putting on three stages full of music and a load of them happen to be from Nottingham. (Not that’d ever have guessed with them being in the T3 and all.) So here’s a few of the Notts acts you can expect to see whilst filling your face full of Birthday Cake.

After releasing the mixtape “Beats’N’Tings” in for Phlexx’s birthday celebration TREKKAH will be taking to the stage. The mixtape samples random bits of audio from the internet and transforms it into some sick sounding beats. Next up is YAZMIN LACEY, who has worked with TREKKAH on two tracks from his ‘Midnight’ EP. Expect beautiful poetic lyrics delivered through her soulful voice. Talking of poetry, RAPHAEL BLAKE, who is a bit of a genius in that field, is on the line up too. Raphael creates thought provoking, story-telling songs with the use of spoken word over his music. He could make anything sound beautiful.

Alternative Pop singer DAISY GODFREY will be bringing her Jazz influenced vocal to the line up. Finally, Notts based Brazilian CIBELE will be bringing along her unique and inspiring vocal. There’s a bunch more Notts based projects in the lineup that are definitely worth checking out that my description would not do justice, MRS GREEN being one of them.

The Maze
Saturday 17th October
Tickets: £5 OTD
Doors: 8PM


KALLI ASHTON is launching her debut EP ‘Wings’ at The Lacehouse on Sunday. The Country Pop songstress (who has maybe the most country name, ever?) took part in the Notts Factor finals at the Rescue Rooms last week. Kalli’s sweet sounding vocal combined with her beautiful country song-writing creates the perfect level of Country Pop that would sound right at home in Nashville.

JOSEPH KNIGHT from Southwell way (yeah, South-well not Suthell, okay?) is the first support of the night. Joseph’s unforgettable voice layered over his acoustic guitar are perfect for a chilled Sunday evening. He is set to release his first ever single “Keep Your Head Up” at the end of the month so keep an eye (or an ear) out for that too.

KATE AUBURN is another support of the night. Kate hasn’t got a huge online presence BUT there are a few of her originals on Youtube from Open Mic Nights. Kate has a Country Folk tone to her voice that sounds proper unique.

LEWIS HALL has a few originals scattered about on Youtube, like Kate. His unique country-toned voice and exquisite song-writing creates something really special.

The Lacehouse
Sunday 18th October
Tickets: Free
Doors: 5pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katie Beard x