Another week has passed and we’ve got yet MORE beautiful live Nott’s music for your entertainment. This week, as always, we’ve put together the top three gigs we feel you should to get your ample arses down to, including GEORGIE’s biggest gig to date with support from two beloved acts, a hugely anticipated celebration of vinyl, and a collaborative gig from two of Nottingham’s biggest names in music. It’s looking to be a brilliant weekend.


First up we’ve got Georgie Rose fronting a five-piece band for her heavily anticipated headline show at Bodega. After making a name for herself as a solo artist, back in 2014 she unveiled her band for one of the most memorable gigs at Glee that year. The band, named GEORGIE (I suspect it’s not dissimilar from the Blondie kinda thang) provide West Coast American inspired music with clear Fleetwood Mac influences. Their Stevie Nicks’ style harmonies and winding guitar lines have seized superstar fans such as KT Tunstall and Billy Bragg. Impressive stuff, eh? So bring those beautiful faces down (oh, and the ugly ones, too).

Supporting first will be the cute little angels that are MOLLY & JACK; a wonderfully talented acoustic boy/girl duo who will warm even the coldest of hearts with their lush, masterful harmonies and catchy melodies. Second support is RYAN THOMAS (No, not that actor bloke from Coronation Street your mum fancies, the other one). His Seasick Steve and Johnny Cash reminiscent songs talk of drinking, smoking and heartbreak, as his voice oozes cool, soulful Blues. Two wonderful, Nott’s-esteemed support acts there, to get you in the right kind of mood. Lovely.

Friday 17th April
The Bodega
Doors: 18:30pm
Admission: £4


Next, Rough Trade and The Music Exchange are collaborating together with The Creative Quarter, Plates, and Pendulum Music for Record Store Day. Which essentially ensures you get to experience amazing live acts and DJs ALL DAY, SON. Rough Trade will be open at 6am for breakfast (ouch), ready to open up the Record Floor at 8am. So get yourselves up bright and early so you don’t miss out on a thing.

At Rough Trade, the first Nottingham act is SHELTER POINT at 12:30pm. This Electronic duo craft layers upon layers of labyrinthine sounds, with soulful, chilling vocals amidst haunted, atmospheric beats. Their recent EP “Weird Dreamers” released on RCA/Space & Time Records brought us not only astonishing sounds to disappear to, but a beautiful clear vinyl enveloped in aesthetic crystal patterns to mirror. If you get your hands on one of these, you’re gonna have a hard time deciding whether to play it constantly, or frame it.

Headlining the stage in Rough Trade at 19:30pm is KAGOULE – a 19 year old trio making garage band Rock music your weird uncle Steve probably aspired to back in the 90s. The band could be described as hyper grunge, and with Lucy’s moody bass-playing and high vocals entangled with Cai’s Brian Molko-esque lead vocal, they demonstrate that they are charismatic masters of their art. They are a burgeoning act not only in the Nottingham music scene, but nationwide, and after they took the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury by storm, they are now signed to Earache Records and have just finished recording their debut album, Urth (which will be available to have and to hold on the day, and for evermore. Amen). Oh, they will also be doing a special Acoustic set on the outside stage on Broad Street at 12:00pm!

Also playing this stage will be Martha, from Durham, The Leisure Society from Brighton/London, Pulled Apart By Horses from Leeds, Flo Morissey from London and TBC from Manchester.

The Music Exchange have a whole load of live musical nuggets for ya too, with an outdoor stage on Broad Street to add a festival kind of feel.

The first Nottingham band up for this stage is DEBRIS SLIDE, playing at 11:30am. These guys are a four-piece Noise Pop/Shoegaze band reminiscent of the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, with droning riffs from noisy guitars and subdued, melodic vocals. Their new EP “Araido” will be released on 11th May, but is available to listen to on their Band Camp, and I wholeheartedly recommend you do. Definitely one to watch/gaze at your shoes to (badum-tish!)

Also playing the outside stage at 13:30pm will be LAST SONS – a duo made up of one Rapper and one Turntabelist, signed by Uncommon Records. I hear we can expect slick, polished production laced with politically fuelled poetry. There is a definitive Social Media buzz surrounding the completion of their album, and if we’re lucky enough, they may even share a new song or two!

ANOMIC SOUL will be playing their first ever live gig at 14:30pm! Which is hugely exciting! For a bit of context, the band are a four-piece electronic act, who own a kaleidoscope of musical influences, summoning dark melodies with even darker, paranoid basslines (so dark, guys). I realise I’m making them sound a bit like wizards. I’m kind of okay with it though. Electronic wizards.

EXTNDDNTWRK is up next at 15:10pm, which, if you don’t already know, is the Ambient Lo-Fi solo project of SLEAFORD MODS’ Andrew Fearn. After visiting his public profile, I was pleased to find an abundance of music collaborations and various works that emit moody, delicately constructed Electronics and doomy synths/guitars (and a photograph depicting the project’s name written entirely in cheesy Wotsits). A master at creating beats, Fearn will provide a set that is sure to blow you away.

EULER are the final Nottingham live act to grace The Music Exchange for the day, starting at 16:30pm. They are a five-piece Indie-Rock band, who are currently cooking up their second album “Shotgun Tuesday“. The band are known for their energetic and playful gigs, and are set to be an excellent penultimate live Nottingham act on a undoubtedly memorable day.

Also on this stage there will be Milky Wimpshake from Newcastle, and an exhaustive line up of amazing DJs will be playing in between live acts all day, just to keep you all sweet.

Saturday 18th April
Rough Trade & The Music Exchange
Doors: 6:00am
Admission: FREE!


The final gig this week is Sunday’s Y Not Festival Presents: Faction – N04. at Rough Trade (bloody hell, they’ve got a pretty full schedule this weekend?!) This gig is a collaborative effort from Y Not, Rough Trade, and BBC Introducing. Big names in the notts music scene indeed…

The first Nott’s act on will be BITTER STRINGS, a four-piece Alt-Rock band channelling that wild Rock’n’Roll style effortlessly, as they demonstrate melodic songs laced with Northern charisma that will get you dancing (unless ‘dancing’ is a bit of a strong word for the shameless uncontrollable arm-flails? Because I know it is for me…)

To end the day is a li’l bit of SAM BEETON for you ear’s pleasure. A surging star in the name of Indie and Folk music, Sam is a singer-songwriter with some awesome achievements under his belt (including modelling for Burberry, the jammy git!) Having supported big names such as The Script and James Morrison, Sam has made his mark on not only Nottingham, but seemingly the entire UK, since he regularly plays sell-out shows in London. Pshht, London-shmondon though, right Notts? Let’s show ’em how it’s done…

Also playing will be Jagaara from London, and Man Made from Manchester.

Sunday 19th April
Rough Trade
Doors: 3pm
Admission: FREE!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x