BABE PUNCH. Photo Credit: Unknown

God this year is flying by isn’t it? January happened, then we ate loads of pancakes, then we had to give something up because we’d eaten all those pancakes…. it’s a weird world. Anyway. This week brings two free gigs (kind to your pockets) and one charity gig (kind to the world), what’s to lose?!


Kicking off the week are a ton of great bands courtesy of Impact Music and the University of Nottingham’s Anti-Slavery Society, with all the proceeds of the night aiding their crucial work.

Headlining the affair is Alt-Rock-Grunge-Punk daydream BABE PUNCH. They’re gonna sock it to slavery with their heavy, fast lyrics and angsty guitar riffs, and you should definitely get on board too. They’re gigging all around the place at the minute, no doubt getting ready for the upcoming festival season. They’re going to bring their super cool stuff to Rough Trade and make us all rock out hard. Get ready.

Up next are SUPER FURNITURE, the FSN champs of 2016, Splendour playing alumni and gigging champs of Notts. With a bit of Indie in there, a bit of Math Rock, a dash of Pop, they’re a new recipe for you to get your taste buds around. 2017 is set to be an adventure for these boys so how nice that you get to share it with them.

Also joining the fun is FOULE, an even bigger cacophony of genres than SF. You’ll be hit by a wall of Indie Rock noise, but it’s decorated with soulful vocals and there’s chilled, psychedelic vibes underpinning it all. They released their debut EP back in October and it’s all absolute jammin, having already played stages from Bodega, to Rough Trade to Brixton Jamm! And if none of this inspires you to come and see them (which it should), they list Roger Federer as one of their influences. I really want to see this play out…

AN INDIAN SUMMER will also being bringing their drum tinklin’, rock n roll, Black Keys-esque thang to Rough Trade. With some really individual vocals courtesy of Sai and Tom, they bring a slower, more stately and emotional side to things in tracks like ‘Heart Won’t Follow. Make sure you have a bev in one hand and your mates hand in the other.

London / Essex lad Kwoli Black, will also be performing.

Rough Trade
Tuesday 14th March
Price: £5
Doors: 7pm


Yorkshire lass Beth McCarthy is including Notts in her UK tour and blessing The Angel Microbrewery with her Indie-Folky presence, and she’s bringing along three ace Notts supports.

IDLE EMPIRE are an eclectic five piece who bring roaring Indie Folk kicking and screaming into whatever venue they end up in. Best way of describing them is that they’re “heavily Folk infused Indie Rock” as in the vocal and songs sound super Indie, but then you’ll hear a fiddle and double bass play the electric guitar riffs. Super cool stuff here. With little gypsy-esque violin tickles, trickles of drumlines and some deep harmonica sighs, you’re sure to be singing along with this fab quintet.

Following this is the marvelous JOSEPH KNIGHT. Though only 17 (yes… 17), this incredibly talented human has already had a crazy 12 months gigging around, collaborating and playing with people all over the place and he feels like a staple of the singer-songwriter circuit. With a voice that drizzles over his fingerpicked guitar like lemon drizzle over… well, a lemon drizzle cake, and with a couple Pop sensibilities thrown in like unexpected but pleasant orange peel.

MATT HUMPHRIES will also be playing, with a wide spectrum of music – from being moved to tears to being moved about, cos of that funky tune that he just started up. Emotive songwriting, Pop hooks, and a voice like melted butter, this dude might make you shed a tear or two, but you won’t be alone so it’s all fine, and you’ll dance it off later anyway.

The Angel Microbrewery
Wednesday 15th March
Price: Free
Doors: 7pm


Notts Grunge rockers AUTUMN DIET PLANS will be playing a joint headline show with Leeds based Glass Mountain this Friday. After a wild 2016 playing festivals galore and touring around Europe, they’ve been super busy in the studio and making new videos for our eyes and ears to enjoy. No spacesuits in sight yet, though. With wobbly guitar lines, and a real stand out stage presence, this is a gig not to be missed. Oh and it’s free entry, so honestly what have you got to lose? Well, your house keys – but as long as ya don’t go too mental you should be fine.

Rough Trade
Friday 17th March
Price: Free
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Alice Robbins x