This week sees something for everyone in the Nottingham music scene – we’ve got a double show from one of Notts’ finest, an Electro-Pop lovefest, and the most well known festival Notts has to offer!


The Notts Soul sensation that is ADY SULEIMAN will be playing two intimate shows to you lucky lot, this Monday and Tuesday, at the Red Rooms.

If you’re not familiar with the soulful sounds of ADY SULEIMAN, let me give you a run down – Ady makes a beautiful concoction of Blues, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and R&B, that truly sounds unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. It’s bloody catchy and pretty damn heartwarming at times too; and he’s gone and got plenty of attention for it, with the likes of Gilles Peterson and Mistajam calling themselves fans. He doesn’t gig in Notts too often, so make sure to catch him while you can!

Monday nights performance sees support from MOLLY & JACK and ESTHER VAN LEUVEN. Both incredible artists – MOLLY & JACK make some of the sweetest, catchiest Acoustic tunes we’ve ever heard, and believe us when we say, their harmonies are absolutely stunning! ESTHER VAN LEUVEN is another soulful lass who makes some incredibly powerful Acoustic tunes, but with a bit of a dark edge; and her voice is simply out of this world.

Tuesday’s sees support from NOAH and PHOEBE BALL. NOAH are a duo that make simply stunning Acoustic/Soul/Folk/They’re really hard to categorise okay? And when we first saw them perform live, we were left truly speechless, so do not miss out on this opportunity. PHOEBE BALL is a lady who makes Jazzy-Folk with a sweet soulful twang. You’ve probably seen her at the Jam Cafe open mic which she often delivers an awesome performance at, but if you haven’t, you better get down to see this lovely lady’s music in action!

Price: Free


IN ISOLATION are throwing a massive launch party for their ace new single “Tears” down at The Chameleon this Friday, and it’s got quite the Electro-Pop lineup!

IN ISOLATION make some of the catchiest, most interesting New-Wave Pop we’ve ever heard. It’s hard to stand out in the genre, but they do just that. With powerful vocals, incredibly catchy synths, and some ridiculously slick production, we simply can’t wait for this album they’re working on. Make sure to check out our last New Music Podcast to check out the single, and then make sure you head on down for some Dark Pop goodness!

We have a killer support lineup too! Kicking us off we have LOST CONTROLLERS – a heavily 80s influenced Electro-Pop band, who could give the Pet Shop Boys a run for their money in the huge synthy (if that’s a word?) chorus department. We’re sure they’ll have you dancing all over the place!

I AM LONO are up next, bringing with them their unique breed of “Paranoid Pop” which we’re sure will have a fair few heads bopping along. Big beats and dark synths come together to make something very hard to explain, but very easy to enjoy!

Finally we’ll have ONEGIRLONEBOY; who bring some incredibly catchy Electro-Pop tunes. Having veered more into the Pop side of things recently, they’ve been knocking out HUGE choruses and some incredibly catchy melodies – and considering they’re working on their new EP, they’ve got plenty of new stuff to amaze you with! Flying Kangaroo Alliance from Leicester will also be performing.

Price: £4
Doors: 8:30PM


This Saturday is Splendour Festival, which sees bloody loads of acts come together to Wollaton Park for the most well known festival in Notts! More importantly though, this year sees 13, yep, 13 Notts acts across the stages, let’s have a look at who we can expect to see!


The main stage this year is graced by two of Notts’ finest. Kicking things off we have the Soulful-Folk sounds of FSN 2014 winner JOY MUMFORD. She won over all of you lot, and the judges at FSN, and for good reason – she puts on an incredible performance, and her music is irresistibly catchy; we’re sure she’ll kick things off to a great start! We’ll also have the Indie wonderboy that is SAINT RAYMOND. Over the past year he’s dropped huge tune after huge tune, to the point he know has an entire set worth of Indie anthems, which are sure to get the crowd going a little bit crazy. Apologies if you see me during “Young Blood” – you have been warned.


The newly rebranded Confetti stage has three Notts acts this year, all offering something a bit different for your musical tastebuds. We’ll have KETO starting us off with their Power-Folk, which is infused with touches of Electronic elements. You’ll probably recognise their vocalist LEAH SINEAD, as she’s gigged around Notts for a fair bit now, wowing everyone with her beautiful voice. Next up we’ll have AMBER RUN, who will be bringing their soaring Indie choruses, and plenty of catchy riffs too. AMBER RUN are one of those bands that have you screaming along to their songs as soon as the first chorus hits, and with this many people in attendance, we’re sure it’ll be something pretty special! Finally we have A PLASTIC ROSE, who are just fresh from supporting Biffy Clyro – quite an amazing band to be support for we’re sure you’ll agree. Their mesmerising Rock ‘n Roll is quite a spectacle live, and we’re sure they’ll be just as many people standing back and appreciating, as there will be moshing, again – you have been warned!


The Acoustic Rooms stage is rammed with Notts acts, and here you can find eight of the 13 Notts acts playing Splendour! Kicking us off we have that fella who sounds like Marcus Mumford and Paul Simon having a fight at a Rodeo, Mr GEORGE HOLROYD, followed by the sweet, sweet Acoustic-Folk sounds of the lovely lad that is FRANKIE RUDOLF. RYAN THOMAS will be bringing his No.1 earning authentic Blues sounds to the stage, FIELDS will be bringing a touch of good old fashioned Rock to the proceedings, and GALLERY 47 will slow things down a bit, and give us a bit of his beautiful soft Folk that has earned the legend that is Paul Weller as a fan! BITTER STRINGS will be up next, bringing their slick Retro-Pop sounds, that are sure to have you shaking what your mama gave ya, followed by BUD, whose upbeat Acoustic sounds are bound to get everyone feeling a bit “happy”. Finally, rounding off the Acoustic Rooms stage we have that familiar duo NOAH, who will be bringing the park to silence, we’re sure.

Price: Varies – See website for deets – LINK
Doors: 12PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x