MOWBECK. Photo Credit: Georgia Richards

It’s the middle of November. Yes. Middle. Of. Freakin’. November. Where has this year gone? Maybs it’s cos we’ve been enjoying the incredible New Notts Music so much, we haven’t realised the world going past us. Anyways, let’s carry on that trend – three awesome Notts gigs coming your way…


THE VARLETTS have a headline show at The Lofthouse this Friday, and they’re bringing two new bands with ‘em too.

THE VARLETTS are a very new band (not to be confused with the similarly named Notts band from the early 2010’s), who make a distortion-fuelled Alt-Rock that makes us wanna throw our fists in the sky and get a little bit crazy too. A bit grungy, but also very melodic. They cite their influences as The Cribs, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard plus The Wytches, and ya can defo hear the influence. But they have defo made their own mark on the sound. A kind of smoky, hazy, grungy mark.

TRADE FLOOR are supporting. This is their debut gig, and, searching for em unfortunately brings us up against some of Notts’ finest flooring suppliers. The description we have managed to find for them, well, it definitely intrigues us – “Post Punk meets Jazz meets Pop meets Noise”. Sounds pretty ace dont it?

Also supporting are DIM BULBS, another band who describe themselves so well, I’m just gonna let them do it – “DB are Melvins-worshipping noise-rock trio”. Now assuming they’re talking about the band, and not one of their mates called Melvin – we’re very excited to hear how these musical concoctions sound live.

The Lofthouse
Friday 18th November
Price: £3
Doors: 10pm (yurrrp, 10pm)


MOWBECK are headlining The Bodega this weekend, and they’re bringing along fellow Notts badasses TUSK for the ride.

MOWBECK describe their music as Grit-pop, which, to say it’s a genre unique to them, gives ya a pretty good idea of what to expect. Super catchy pop melodies (when ya first hear ‘Talkabout’, you’re gonna be singing it for daaaays), sprinkled with… well, grit. Ya know, a bit of edge, crunchy guitars, plenty of distortion – and rock out skills like some of the mega stars in Rock music. Things to expect: massive singalongs, a good mosh pit or two, and probs some bloke who attempts a crowd surf. Probs.

TUSK, despite only forming early 2016 already sound like they’ve been in the game for years. Making a kind of Indie / Alt-Rock hybrid, they almost always have us wishing we could be as cool as them. Since debut single ‘Dull Ache’ was released earlier in the year, they’ve been putting out an incredibly diverse mix of songs – all of which sound destined for massive stages. Check out their Future Session, if ya want to see how they mix the vibe up.

AND – just at the last minute. Electronic maestro TRAY ELECTRIC has been added to the bill. Spacey, bloopy, electronic goodness to set the night off just right. Ace.

The Bodega
Saturday 19th November
Price: £5
Doors: 7pm


THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA are back for another epic show. This time – to celebrate the vinyl launch of their incredible debut album ‘Champagne Taste, Lemonade Money”. If you’re unfamiliar with the TIO – they are, funnily enough an orchestra, and anything but invisible. There’s bloody loads of them – some of Notts’ finest musicians, all coming together with some of Notts’ finest vocalists, to put on one of the most epic shows that you’ll ever see. The venue is secret (ooh) and there’s only 150 tix, so make sure you get on iiiit quick time.

Support comes from Future Bubbler YAZMIN LACEY & THE ECHOES. The Notts soulstress with one heck of a voice – plus her new, also rather awesome band. Her voice is basically the musical equivalent of a night in, with the fire on, candles lit, and some chamomile and honey tea. 

Secret Location
Sunday 20th November
Price: Free entry with vinyl purchase.
Doors: tbc

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

PS – The legendary CRS are putting on a piece of Notts musical theatre at Nottingham Arts Theatre this Thursday. It features tons of Notts MC’s, / singers who will be performing original music for the production. Oh, and apparently Prince Harry is well excited about it too. Get yer tix HERE.