Before everyone starts readying their wellies for the open-field festivals of the summer months, don’t forget that Nottingham’s still got a butt load of intimate gigs to behold. This week we’ve got three absolutely mud-less venues putting on some incredible live Nottingham music – an EP launch; a headline show; and a cheeky little charity Festival representing music in NG16. Let me take you through it…

NOTE: This article was written pre-FSN. It was also intentionally published post-FSN by the little WordPress monkeys, as to not show bias to any of the finalists. C&TC’s headline show was a clear gig of the week, as such we put these measures in place.


Nottingham duo, Brandon Shen and Jack Osborne, formed after running the University of Nottingham songwriting society together. They met after both studying Law, but it was their combined passion for music that lead them to create their gentle Pop Rock/Alternative inclined music that’ll leave you more relaxed than a tiny baby sloth. The EP they’re launching at this event is called ‘Silhouette’, and was almost entirely recorded in Jack’s University bedroom! (Well, aside the drums and piano, appaz). These gents definitely know a thing or two about writing well-structured, serene, and thought provoking songs, which you can hear on their Soundcloud if you so desire. I reckon’ it’s pretty special to hear live, though.

The support for the night comes from tea enthusiast MELISSA DANIAL-WARD, who is a soulful songstress and a student of Natural Sciences at The University of Nottingham. We’ve managed to stumble upon her Soundcloud page, and it is absolutely stunning. Her fluttering, yet honey-smooth voice seems so effortless; I pretty much can’t get enough of it.

The Lacehouse
Thursday 18th June
Doors: 7.00pm
Entry: FREEEE!


The second gig sees CHESHIRE AND THE CAT headline The Bodega this Friday. With musical influences such as Snarky Puppy, Eryka Badu and Fat Freddy’s Drop, this bunch of hooligans are a ridiculously cool unsigned Rock/Swing/Ska/Jazz mashup band that possess more energy than a toddler with a blue Smartie. I use the term ‘hooligans’ lightly and as a form of banterous affection, though they DID recently take a drum kit onto the streets at Dot to Dot, powered amps by renting plug sockets from the corner shop on Talbot Street, and fuelled a huge street party that went on until the early hours, soooo…

They’ve actually used real Police CCTV footage of that night for their new Music Video to their song ‘Countdown’, if you’re curious. You could say they know how to work a crowd.

Folk-Rock-Pop-Gypsy-Ska-World-Fusion band TIMESTEALERS will be one of the supporting acts. (Christ, try saying that out loud.) With their combination of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, uplifting melodies and a certain Latino flair, these guys will have you involuntarily smiling from ear to ear. They are unashamedly full of fun, and definitely well worth catching. You also might even get to see some pretty slick moves being busted out on stage, if yer lucky enough.

Recent Graduate and Songsmith GEORGE HOLROYD is the other support for this incredible night. Continuing to smash 2015 to pieces due to the recent release of his debut E.P ‘Peru’, he’s gotten himself a slot playing Glastonbury’s Love Fields this year AND is lined up to do a tour of Star Surf Camps’ European locations supporting Richard Morris. With his striking vocals and violent guitar playing, George will leave you feeling awestruck, and also a bit worried about his hands. Apparently they bleed a lot. *shrug* that’s passion for ya.

The Bodega
Friday 19th June
Doors: 6.30pm
Tickets: £3


The Kimberley Jam is a mini festival happening in … Kimberley, believe it or not. There’s 9 (yes, 9) venues, and a whole bunch of incredible musicians awaiting you in NG16 spread out over twelve beautiful hours. It’s not all about the City Centre, ya know! Oh, and it’s all for charity – The Ryan Lee Trust to be specific.

To pick out a few, the gorgeous vocals of JOSH KEMP will be heard; the wonderful, FRAZER LOWRIE and his band will probably be singing amazingly catchy songs about dickheads; and TOM MCCARTNEY will be fronting his three-piece backing band and singing some sweet, sweet Blues. Plus, LOADS MORE incredibly diverse Nottingham acts will be playing across the venues for a full day of endless musical fun. There are about 77 acts awaiting you, so party ’til you’re pooped. Stages are located in such venues as The Stag Inn, Sainsbury’s (?!), Cricketers Rest, The Lord Clyde, Mad Hatters, The White Lion, The Gate Inn, and The Ian Campbell. It’s seriously going to be well worth the short trip.

See all the set times HERE.

All over Kimberley.
20th June
11am- 11pm
Admission: Free!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x