The Acoustic Rooms Christmas party last year had plenty of upcoming Notts superstars such as SAINT RAYMOND, AMBER RUN, HARLEIGHBLU and GEORGIE ROSE, and the lineup this year is no different.


The energetic kinda punky vibes of SAM JONES will be opening the night. After astounding the judges at the Future Sound of Nottingham contest earlier this year he landed the opening gig of Splendour, and he’s only grown from there.


We’ll have GEORGE HOLROYD taking to the stage with his soothing tones and intricate songwriting. As well as the beautiful harmonies of HEAVYHEADS, who have a knack for making soulful melodies that get stuck in your head for weeks on end.


GALLERY 47’s stunning vocals are up next, and are bound to send shivers all around the room. Molly & Jack from Lincoln will also be performing. There are still plenty more acts to be announced, so make sure to keep your eye on the Facebook page, and maybe even watch out for some surprise guests!


Price: Free

Doors: 7:00




Phlexx are putting on a massive Christmas party down at The Maze this Friday,  there’s gonna be lots of great Notts acts taking to the stage, among plenty of other things to help get you into the festive mood!


On the main stage we’ve got THE AFTERDARK MOVEMENT bringing the party with their big-band hip-hop sound, while KANE ASHMORE will be taking to the main stage, to deliver some brilliant half-sung half-rapped tunes. NG64 are also doing something but they haven’t confirmed to us what yet!


On the Under The Tree stage you’ll find that familiar fella GEORGE HOLROYD, who will be delivering his acclaimed singer-songwriter vibes before the amazing REBECCA KING takes to the stage to show off her ridiculous vocal range and catchy hooks. ROSANNA SMITH OBRIEN will also be performing; her angelic tones and beautiful voice are bound to leave you astounded.


The mysterious Careem and Mike Howard, who even we haven’t heard of, will also be taking to the stage. So, lots of respect for to Under The Tree for offering brand new talent a great platform!


Over on the bar stage we’ve got some chiilled-out hip-hop from the likes of EARLY BIRD and BEAT MASTA BILL (whose EP we have absolutely been loving recently) .They both make music a bit different to the acts on the other stages, and we look forward to seeing how they perform in a live environment.


Price: £5.00

Doors: 8:00




The Bodega has got two awesome gigs going off on the same night, so we thought we’d give you a bit of a buy one get one free considering it’s Christmas!


ADELPHIA are launching their latest EP “Fingers Burnt and Lessons Learnt” on Sunday 15th, so to celebrate they’re playing a headline show upstairs on Thursday 19th. The boys’ edgy yet mature Alternative sound makes for a great show, and we can’t wait to hear the new EP live, as well as a few old favourites!


Supporting, we have ADAM ZAREBA, a singer-songwriter with influences from many different genres. As well as THE SPANGLE CORPS who bring to the stage bouncy Pop Punk riffs, catchy choruses and eclectic breakdowns.


Downstairs, we have “Under The Christmas Tree”, an eclectic mix of local artists helping to get you into that festive mood. We’ll have some wise words from KANE ASHMORE, some youthful yet intricate Indie Blues from TOM MCCARTNEY and  there’ll also be some beautiful acoustic numbers from JAMIE MOON. Molly & Jack from Lincoln will also be performing.




Price: £5.00

Doors: 6:30


+ Your free gig downstairs starts at 7:00



Yours In Love of New Music,

Sam Nahirny x


P.S SAM JONES, THE AFTERDARK MOVEMENT, KANE ASHMORE, GEORGIE ROSE, HARLEIGHBLU, JOE KEOGH (Lead singer of AMBER RUN) and REBECCA KING have all done a Future Session with us. Check them out, and while you’re at it, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep up to date with all the latest sessions?