This week we’ve got a groovy li’l gig presented by I’m Not From London, a tribute night for a treasured Reggae legend, and a huge cutting-edge Festival at Batman’s yard is calling for all to party like there’s No Tomorrow…


DOGS IN CAVES are not actually dogs in caves. But, don’t be too disappointed yet; they’re an Acoustic guitar duo formed in late 2014 that combines Rock, Modern Acoustic guitar, Flamenco and Jazz elements to create carefully composed Instrumental music (much better, I know). With animalistic kooky song titles such as ‘Waltz of the Crabs’ and ‘The Lost Penguin’, and absolutely no echoic barking whatsoever, these guys provide memorable Instrumentals with beautifully constructed guitar work.

THE STOLEN WIVES are a high-energy self-titled Power Trio! Though the name sounds a bit like they’ve had their wives nabbed out of their pockets on the tram (#imafeministkilljoy), the music is impressively raw, honest and powerful. Band members James, Thomas, and Peter combine Bluesy elements with Funk and Rock, and are partial to a bit of improvised live jamming. These guys are self-taught musicians with influences going back to the likes of Cream, Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, just to name a few! You can expect smooth riffs, gruff, grungy vocals, and more attitude than a sassy little house cat. Ooh! Idea! Maybe they could call themselves ‘The Sassy Housecats’? No?

CHESHIRE & THE CAT are the penultimate act. This bunch are a Brass, Funk and Soul band who have been recording their upcoming EP in their Lenton located living room. At Dot to Dot this year, this incredible band took a drum kit to Talbot Street, rented a plug pocket from the UniExpress corner shop and created an insane mass street Jazz party which went on into to early hours. It’s pretty safe to say that they know how to work a crowd.

SUNSET NEBULA are the headliner for this gig, who are a ‘Groovacious Space Rock’ trio featuring members of Psych-Rock band BAYBO SQUAYBO and Alt-Rock lads LEO AND THE SERAPHIM. Metagalactic, penetrating guitars, pounding drums and tight basslines make sure that this three-piece make a hell of a lot of beautiful noise. Their track ‘Earthbound’ sounds like it could be on the soundtrack for a sci-fi film; the crescendo of high-pitched cosmic soundscapes of whines and drones crashing at the end could definitely echo the image of a space ship descending to Earth.

Jam Café
Friday 5th June
Doors: 20:30
Admission: FREE


This Saturday Cultural Vibrations are hosting their Annual Bob Marley Night, featuring some of Nottingham’s finest Reggae bands and Acoustic Singer/Songwriters. They will be performing the Reggae legend’s songs, as well as some of their own original songs. I’ve also heard that there will be Authentic Caribbean food on sale! Here at Nusic, we’re all for the marrying of food and music. They’re our favourite ever things. Also, ball pits. We absolutely LOVE ball pits. There’s no ball pits though sorry.

RAM1 & THE ITES BAND will be performing on the night. RAM1 is a Reggae artist signed by indie label Riddim Culture. He was nominated for internationally recognised MOBO award in 2012, and has previously released two studio albums and toured all over the UK and Europe! THE ITES BAND are an incredibly energetic Roots-Reggae band, and the members have worked together on various projects over the last 30 years. 30 years! That’s dedication, guys. Together, they will forge one hell of a performance that’ll get you moving.

Nottingham’s answer to The Specials, UJAHM, will also be there to give you some Jamaican and British Ska influenced Reggae. The energetic beats from Neckie, Chris and Kamrah perfectly compliment the sultry vocals that Shylaah provides, to create Reggae vibes that’ll make you want to jump around. Other inspirations for these guys range from Roots Reggae, to Dub, Soul, Hip Hop, and even Drum and Bass.

BLESSING MAGORE is a twenty year old Zimbabwean Afro-Funk/Reggae Fusion Singer-Songwriter. This talented songsmith moved to the UK at the age of 17 and started his musical career right here in Nottingham, though his passion for music started much earlier, at the tender age of five! With various talents up his sleeves including guitar, piano, drums, marimba and mbrira, he started performing as a solo artist in September 2013, making his live debut at Pepper Rocks. Blessing has become renowned for his sentient lyrics and energetic stage presence, and he’s bound to leave you awestruck.

Prominently Reggae influenced LISA HENDRICKS & PROJECT-US BAND will provide gorgeously soulful music that is laced with hints of R&B. These guys are influenced by the likes of Etta James, Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige. It was in a gospel choir where singer Lisa started her musical career, at the age of 15. Now, she is a solo artist with her own band, and is ready to gift us with songs that express her personality, roots and culture, with conscious lyrics that stimulate peace, positivity, and awareness of existing worldly issues.

Singer/songwriter LIAM O’KANE is best known as the lead singer of Nottingham Ska/Reggae band JIMMY THE SQUIRREL. He has released three solo CD’s over the last two years; an album, a Split CD with ‘The One Man Ska Explosion’: Robb Blake, AND an EP on his own indie label Off Cut Records. He’s been a busy little bee, in short. O’Kane will be making time in his busy schedule to play on this night, bringing with him some compelling Summery vibes generated by his prominently Reggae influenced sound.

The Maze
Saturday 6th June
Doors: 20:30
Admission: £5 before 10pm / £7 afterwards


Nottingham duo SHELTER POINT will be making things weird and spacey on the Sunday at NO TOMORROW FESTIVAL, hosted by BATMAN. Not really. It’s at Wollaton Park, though, which basically is the same thing. Just be nice to the deer and pick up yer damn rubbish, okay?

Woozy ‘Stratospheric’ Electronic duo SHELTER POINT will be playing the main stage of the Festival! They are the only Nottingham live act to be asked to play the weekend, let alone the main stage, so this is a pretty big deal! These guys are signed to RCA/Space & Time Records, and have recently been working with three-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer Steve Dub, who has served the likes of The Chemical Brothers, New Order, and Primal Scream. Producer Robin and Vocalist Liam are currently cooking up their debut album, whilst also managing to perform (and take the piss out of each other) at various shows around the country. These guys will demonstrate their ability to craft layers upon layers of labyrinthine sounds, with soulful, chilling vocals amidst haunted, atmospheric beats. Perfect for the hairs on the back of yer neck.

Number 2 chart-hitting producer PHILIP GEORGE will also be doing a DJ set, which is pretty damn awesome, but as this isn’t a live show we haven’t focused on it.

Wollaton Park
Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June
Admission: £65/£125/more details HERE

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x

P.S – You may wonder why FSN Finalists CHESHIRE & THE CAT are featured in this T3, considering we didn’t include THE CHASE in last week’s T3. This is due to Cheshire only being one act of multiple on the lineup, whereas last week, THE CHASE were headlining.