CHROMA BAY. Photo Credit: Ian McConnachie

This week is chocka folks. Every man, woman, and their pet of choice (okay maybe not the pet) can find something to satisfy their musical cravings.

After some serious debate (ya know we try hard to be objective and fair), we’ve got it down to a debut live show, a charity gig full of ace Notts artists, plus a debut album launch. Let’s go…


CHROMA BAY have finally got around to satisfying our live needs, and have their debut live show at Rough Trade this week.

CHROMA BAY are an Electro-Pop duo who make… well, blissful Electro-Pop. They’ve risen from the ashes of BITTER STRINGS with a very different sound, but jeez – it sounds amazing. Debut single ‘Impossible’ had us hooked from the second the synth kicked in, and every single that’s followed has been a Pop beauty. This is their DEBUT live show, and we’re told there’s plenty of surprises and guests that’ll be making it happen. Plus – they’ve been making us wait months, so there must be like fireworks and lions and… okay, that might go against healthy and safety regulations… BUT, we’re sure the live show will have been well worth the wait.

Supporting are DECO – an Electro-Indie band that really know how to bring the party. If you’ve ever seen them, you’ll know what we mean. They’re one of those bands that seem to knock out earworms like nobody’s business. Every single single (intentional repeat) manages to get stuck in our head for weeks on end. And, on top of that – live they’re one of the most charismatic bands you’ll ever see. Dancing. Shouting (or should that be singing). And many, many good vibes. We’re confident DECO will warm the crowd up just right.

Rough Trade
Tuesday 22nd November
Price: Free
Doors: 6pm


Musicians Against Homelessness are back, bringing with them a ton of ace Notts musicians, all doing their bit and raising some dollar for Crisis.

This time they’re hosted by NTSU Music Society, and they’re calling Spanky Van Dykes home. Kicking things off are CHERRY HEX & THE DREAM CHURCH, the eclectic Minimal Pop duo who seem to be gigging more than sleeping. Bringing their beaut melodies and super catchy glock (yes, glock) sounds with them. THE HIJINKS are up next with their spaced out Psychedelic Rock vibes. Sexeh guitar riff central – these guys will have ya wishing ya never put that cheap guitar down in your teens. The mysterious SWOLVES are up next. They don’t have much of a social media presence… In fact, the main thing that comes up when ya search for them is “swaggy K-Pop Wolves’…, so, we’re gonna assume that’s not them. But based on the rest of the lineup, we’re sure they’re ace. Absolutely mental punks PRIME are up next with their heavy sounds and… really bloody catchy melodies. And let’s not forget frontman Lee, he will have you engaged, we guarantee that! Finally we have SANJEE ANAND, a singer-songwriter who takes a loop pedal and… well, basically turns into a musical magician. Even if you’re not a musician, you’re bound to be hooked in, and quite envious of his musical ability.

Spanky Van Dykes
Friday 25th November
Price: £3
Doors: 8pm


THE MOST UGLY CHILD are launching their debut album this week, and to celebrate they’re throwing a launch party at The Lofthouse.

If you’re unfamiliar with TMUG, they’re one of Nottingham’s finest Country / Americana purveyors. In other words, they bring the party with all manners of eclectic instruments, and some damn catchy melodies too. The debut album – “Copper and Lace” – is shaping up to be a proper beauty. Ya can catch a little preview of it on their Bandcamp (where you can also pre-order *hint, hint*), and it’s sounding like a proper Americana bop. *CLICHE ALERT*, make sure ya bring your dancing shoes, you’re gonna need them.

Supporting is LUKE WHITTEMORE, a gent who similar to TMUG makes a blissful blend of Americana / Country, but he does it all on his Tom Jones. He’s a fella who manages to tell some beautiful stories through his lyrics, and, is potentially the only Notts musician to get the words “chicken-hypnotisers” into his bio. Yup. Chicken. Hypnotisers. No idea. His music’s ace though.

The Lofthouse
Saturday 26th November
Price: Free
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x