This week is absolutely rammed full of incredible gigs in the Nottingham music scene. Now, we know that some of the gigs this week are huge, including the return of HHYMN; but this is a Top Three, and we chose these gigs, as album/EP launches are a big gig in any artists career, and we feel they derserve their place here.


First up, on Friday, we have BLUE VULTURE’s EP launch at Nirvanna.

For those unfamiliar, BLUE VULTURE make uplifting Indie-Rock. With catchy riffs left, right and centre; these guys will undoubtedly have you doing something between a mosh and a headnod. A head mosh? That sounds a bit rude. Anyways, their new EP “Amateur Tape Recording” is coming out on Sat 28th, but they’re letting you lucky sods get it a day early if you come down to the launch; and get this, if you’re one of the first thirty through the door, you get it for free, on a well fancy limited edition cassette. Aren’t these lot kind to you?

Support on the night comes in the shape of three great local acts. The first, THE CTRL. Sounding like an early Blink 182, sprinkled with plenty of Indie influences; these guys put on an incredible high-energy set. The last time I saw these guys, the lead guitarist ran into the crowd, did a knee slide; and then went a bit mental on his guitar solo. I’m not sure if you’ll be that lucky, but I can guarantee they’ll put on a great live performance!

FSN finalists THE RASCELS are up next with their incredibly catchy pop-rock tunes. If you haven’t heard “My Summertime” yet, then you need to hurry up and get it in your life whilst the sun’s still out, cause it’s one of the best feel-good Pop-Rock tunes we’ve heard in years! Don’t be ashamed to get the air guitar out, cause air guitar was made for songs like this!

Also supporting we’ll have ROSIE ABBOTT, a Singer-Songwriter who crafts some beautiful, raw compositions. Seriously, it’s been a while since I’ve listened to an artist and heard such powerful emotion put across just in the way that she sings. It’s her first gig in Notts for a while, so make sure you catch the “one woman band extraordinaire” in action!

Doors: 7PM
Price: Free


Next up, at The Bodega on Saturday, ADAM PETER SMITH will be throwing a launch party for his new album “Fulcrum”.

You’ll probably recognise ADAM PETER SMITH if you’re often about the Notts music scene. He’s often seen running his open mic nights at The Golden Fleece or The Bell Inn; but now it’s his time to take the spotlight. See, he’s finished recording his debut album; and you lucky lot get to experience it live! Adam is an incredible Singer-Songwriter who makes, wait for it, “Power-Folk”. Okay, I keep making genres up, I know. But “Power-Folk” is a great way to describe Adam’s music; especially for this performance, as he’s bringing the full band from the album up on stage with him. His delicate Acoustic sounds, and tender warm tone mix with perfectly placed key changes to make something truly special.

Support on the night comes from two lovely Nottinghamshire acts.But we must make clear, Adam is on second. A bit of a bizarre order, but we thought we’d point that out! The first support, SAM KIRK, who you probably know better as the frontman of Indie-Folksters INJURED BIRDS will be kicking the night off with one of his incredible solo sets. Known for his distinctive voice and soft, but still very uplifting songs, we’re sure Sam will kick the night off to a great start. If you’re lucky he may even get the banjo out!

Second support comes from LEO AND THE SERAPHIM; an Alternative Rock band, who describe themselves better than I ever could. I know it’s a bit of a cheap get out, but sue me! Here’s what LEO AND THE SERPAHIM describe themselves as – “Alternative rock, soulful melodic music driven by powerful guitars – a thing both sublime and filthy. Like a baby elephant, bathing.” Yup, like a baby elephant. That is the instant thing I thought when I heard these fellas… okay, in all seriousness, the bit before that describes em perfectly. So, you should definitely check them out!

Careen from Loughborough will also be performing.

Doors: 8PM
Price: £4


Rounding off our Top Three we have HEATHER FLINT’s EP launch at Jam Cafe on Sunday.

HEATHER FLINT makes happy Acoustic-Pop. The kind that puts a smile on your face, makes you do a bit of an awkward jig, and then plays over and over again in your head for weeks on end. Well, to keep you awkward jigging all over the place, she’s releasing her debut EP “Interest In Me” (that kinda rhymes), and it’s looking like one hell of a launch party. Heather’s voice has a beautiful hush tone to her voice; and if the title track (the only track we’ve heard) is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a pretty damn awesome EP. There’s probably a joke somewhere in there about having interest in the EP… nope, can’t find it.

Support on the night comes from two incredible Nottinghamshire acts. The first, is JAMES DALBY; a lad from Mansfield who’s had over one million hits on YouTube, bloody hell… oh, it’s for a cover, dammit! Well, whilst we can’t talk about covers here at Nusic, to get a million hits on any performance must mean you’re pretty good; and we’re happy to say that James does perform his own original material, which is mostly upbeat Acoustic stuff. It’s bloody good; and we’re sure he’ll kick things off to a great start!

Second support comes from the absolutely beautiful sounds of DAUDI MATSIKO. You’ve probably heard us play his track “Home” on the podcast over the past few weeks, as he was our rewind. He was our rewind for good reason, “Home” is an absolutely stunning piece of music, as is the EP that it comes from. Whilst Daudi isn’t quite as uplifting as Heather, Daudi’s music will make you feel sad, but happy sad, that kind of sad where his music’s so beautiful, you can’t help but feel his sadness, in a good way cause it’s so beautiful, aghhh my head hurts.

Doors: 8PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x