HARLEIGHBLU. Photo Credit: Simon Parfrement.

In a few weeks, there may just be a big, blonde, orange man in charge of the USA, and it may just be the worst thing to happen in American history, which may cause the world to implode AND you’ve not even sorted out your Halloween costume yet.

BUT, don’t worry yersen too much cos there’s always so much musical awesomeness going on in Notts, you probably won’t even notice the world crumbling around you. This week, The Maze have got it all goiiiing on!


Starting off this week, Notts lads HARKEN are finishing up their UK tour at The Maze. The tour saw them go all over the place with the proper heartfelt headbanger vibes. They have a heavy sorta Enter Shikari-esque sound, mashed with Green Day’s energy and stage presence. These guys are the perfect mix and make their own completely unique sound, thanks to  their heart string grabbing lyrics.

Supporting the band are Fallen to Flux from L town and Mark the Skyline from Guildford.

The Maze
Wednesday 26th October
Price: £6 online booking,
Doors: 7pm


To get your quirky Alt-Pop fix, MAKE A HALO is having a single launch celebrating the release of “I’m Not a Serial Killer” at The Maze and you’re all invited. He’s even bought a new guitar for the event and named it… Squier J.Mascis Jazzmaster. A rare peculiar name to say the least.

Henry started up the one-man band back in 2013 and since has made songs such as “The Last Dinosaur” where he basically transforms himself into a T-Rex “Ty-rann-osaur, 23ft tall, BBQ’s and rollerskating is what I was made for” – a true eclectic lyrical genius for you there and let us not forget “Listen to the Frog” where he steps us into the mind of a frog “I’m a frog that just looks like a stone, go away and leave me alone.”

I can’t help but wonder if his new single “Serial Killer” may take us to a deeper and darker place maybe… or it may be about cereal. We really don’t know.

Supporting on the night are THE KILLER BEES bringing their classic Rhythm and Blues sound of “toe tapping magic”, which is sure to get ya jigging the night away. The band features two excellent musicians and performers, drumming guru Ben Farnsworth and epic guitarist Raphael Achache whose energy is infectious.

The Maze
Thursday 27th October
Price: £3
Doors: 7pm


HARLEIGHBLU is heading to The Maze on Saturday, with her distinctive and raw, soulful sounds. Not only has her music been picked up a massive amount of times by 1Xtra, but she been hailed as “A raw talent… with a voice that pours soul in unfeigned torrents” by Q magazine. Oooer – she’s doing alright for hersen basically. With her old school jams like “Sittin’ by the Window” raging us to better ourselves and get off our arses and new tracks like “Reverse” taking us back to that crappy relationship where your boyf liked your cat way more than you. Her tracks and performances are intense, sweet and relatable. And she can get ya booty moving too.

First support comes from 94 GUNSHIPS who hail that they are “able to sing along and clap their hands like excited three years olds off their tits on percy pigs” which is quite confusing cos they surely are gonna be the ones playing the music right? When they aren’t acting like three year olds the band bring to the table a grizzly sorta funky, heartfelt, Blues Rock. If they can be jammed into a generic genre then that’s probably the one that suits them most. And they promise ya a root tooting good time. Good words.

ROB GREEN is also gonna be there, you lucky devils you. Rob’s voice is kinda hard to pin point too, he hits all the notes in all the riiiiiight places. Super slick, super soulful and super catchy. He’s recently started “crashing into people’s living rooms and brings a whole lot of party” Going into people’s houses and giving them a private gig!? Yep. If you didn’t think he was the nicest guy on planet earth than you deffo do now, right? My living room next, yeah Rob?

The Maze
Saturday 29th October
Price: £3
Doors: 7pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Angelica Giugno x

PS – Mr JAKE BUGG is playing at Rock City on Friday with GEORGIE. We’re sure it’s gonna be E P I C. But, unfortunately, it’s sold out. To those who do have tickets though, see ya down the front!