Well, if you needed anything to get you through the working week, you’ll be happy to know that this weekend is ram packed full of awesome gigs. In fact, ya best get those running shoes on, cos there’s plenty to get around this Friday…


PAPER SHOP DAVE take over The Bodega this Friday and they’re bringing some of Notts’ finest new Indie bands with them too.

If you’re unfamiliar with PSD, first up, you should probably watch their Future Session. Now you’ve done that, you have an idea… right? Funny how those video things work. Anyways – that was in January, we’ve heard that the PSD boys have got some new tunes together now and they’re gonna be sharing ‘em with you lucky sods right here (well, The Bodega) on Friday.

VEGA BAY are supporting. You may have heard of these guys when they went by the name of INK, but something tells us that made em quite hard to find on Google! Anyways, they’re back with a new name, and a slightly tweaked sound. What sound is that? A very melodic mish mash of Pop/Indie/Rock, which, again, is quite hard to describe. Why don’t ya just have a listen HERE.

Also supporting are SHORT WEEKENDS, a band that sum up everything that you love about Indie Rock. Swagger, catchy riffs and a very distinct vocal. Plus, they have the addition of some awesome keyboard / synth action too. They’ll make ya dance – but you know, a cool kind of Indie dance.

The Bodega
Doors: 7pm
Price: £5


Friday Club takes over Retro Rooms (the old Cookie Club) this Friday, and they’re bringing some awesome guitar bands with them.

PRETTY CITIZENS kick things off with their Alt-Indie stylings. Debut single Lost Control is a blissful piece of guitar-led Alt-Rock, which almost touches on Shoegaze at points. It’s raw, but also slick at the same time. Catchy, but well crafted. You should probably have a listen to see if my description just made any sense.

AMULET, the new full band project of JOE & MIKE will also be taking to the stage with their swaggerful Indie. In the few new songs we’ve heard from AMULET, we’ve been blown away by the tightness of their songs – especially some of their guitar riffs. They’re the kind of riffs that every kid ever has wanted to play, and often just ended up playing on guitar hero. Plus, they’ve got some damn catchy choruses too.

Also playing are Pop-Rockers THE HARMONICS. They’re a band that have mastered the pop song – three minute blasts of catchy melodic perfection, whilst also topping them off with some ‘designed for air guitar’ riffs too. Check their Future Session if ya want an idea of what to expect.

Retro Rooms
Doors: 7pm
Price: £3


THE SPECIES are back with a brand new EP, and to celebrate they’re throwing a bit of a shindig down at The Lofthouse. The band self-proclaim themselves as “heavy, gloomy and delicately dissonant”, so that hopefully gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect. Moody, atmospheric guitar riffs – but the kind of swagger you’d only ever find in the coolest of Indie Rock bands. And, of course, the opportunity to buy the ace new EP on the night!

Supporting we have BLACK SHIVER, a two piece that manage to do both massive Royal Blood-esque Rock anthems, and beaut ballad’s at the same time. And to say there’s only two of them – they build a bloody massive wall of sound. We’re sure they’ll send some shivers down your spine… ya know cos… *tumbleweed*.

Also supporting will be the solo venture of SEA MONSTER EYES’ Phil Grafton. On his todd, Phil swaps it up big time genre wise. A quick flick through his YouTube, and you’ll find chill acoustic ballad’s, funky, almost Jazz tunes, and some interesting stuff that we don’t quite know how to describe. What we can say though, is he bosses the eclecticness.

The Lofthouse
Doors: 8:30pm
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x