AMBER RUN. Photo Credit: Unknown

Bleddy ell, it’s been well miserable outside the past few days ain’t it? Good job there’s loadsa heart-warming, soul-nourishing gigs to warm yersen up then int it?


Kicking off the week are the heros AMBER RUN! After a crazy 2015, charting in the top 40 and heading all over the UK festival scene, they’ve been a little quiet, bubbling away and working on some new music and now they’re BACK! And they’re celebrating the launch of their new album with a big old party at your favourite Acoustic Rooms! New tracks ‘Stranger’ hail back to their epic almost choir-esque sound – with proper anthemic vibes! ‘Fickle’ too has those mellow searching piano chords dressed with some twinkly guitar lines; if you liked them before, you’re sure as hell gonna love em now. They didn’t come alone either; in true Acoustic Rooms style, they’ve brought some mates along for the ride.

Joining them will be the never-endingly-adorable MOLLY & JACK. Having released ‘Many a Moon’ not many moons ago (budum-tissss), it’s safe to say they’ve probably got some new music ready for ya! WIth some beautiful melodies and breathtaking harmonies, this delightful duo know exactly how to bring a knowing smile to your face. Basically you’ll just be really happy, make sure you grab a mate to cuddle too!

Indie Pop kings ASHFIELDS are joining the party as well. After playing all the festivals and gigs last year this is actually their first Notts gig of 2017. With some killer new music under their belts, the upbeat Indie noise is sure to get you shimmying across them Rescue Rooms tiles.

ELANA is also coming along for the ride. After supporting BILLIE with her EP launch back in November at Rescue Rooms, her sound was so beautiful, they wanted her back! Her vocals are so distinctive and can go from haunting to soothing within the same song. Prepare to have them goosebumps well and truly raised.

Rescue Rooms
Monday 30th January
Doors: 8pm
Price: Free


94 GUNSHIPS take over Rough Trade this Wednesday. With quirky, unpredictable melodies, gruff vocals and wacky guitar lines, it all sounds a little Americana, and you might feel like you’re in that film ‘Holes’, especially that ‘Dig A Hole song’. (For context, the lyrics are essentially ‘dig a hole, fill it in, dig another one’. Wasn’t that the plot of Holes? Why did they do that again? What was the point of that? Anyway, I digress…) 2015 was a big old year gigging and being their weird selves, 2016 was a fair bit quieter. But no fear, as they’re back in full force with four new tracks under their belts and a potential tour on the way, this show is sure to be the catalyst to many more!  Come along, hope they get dressed up for the occasion and everyone can get weird together and dance!

LOUIS ANTONIOU has been promising that 2017 is going to be a big year from him and his band with new singles and gigs galore! He draws upon Nottingham a great deal in his music, and despite this, he hasn’t played in Nottingham since Hockley Hustle (which feels like a lifetime ago)! New, tune ‘I Don’t Want No More Woes’ will just be arriving in your respective Soundcloud and Youtube homepages just as you head out to hear the live rendition! Make sure you turn up early for this delicious blend of Seasick Steve and Bob Dylan! Oh, and expect a harmonica.

Bringing the blues from the South West is gorgeous singer-songwriter Mary Spender!

Rough Trade
Wednesday 1st February
Doors: 7pm
Price: Free


#FSN2016 champs SUPER FURNITURE are only having a blummin launch party for a single, and people are buzzzzzzed! They had a crazy crazy 2016 doing gigs round the clock in venues like the Royal Concert Hall (v. nice), so 2017 is the start of a new adventure for the lads. ‘Sleepless’ will make you wish you had those mad guitar skills, with an almost Reggae sound to it, but they have some NEW music for your ears. It’s called ‘Discontent’ and will have ya feeling anything other than that.  Alt Rock with a bit of an edge, bit of Indie thrown in, bit Math-Rocky too, I can’t really describe them, you’ll probably just have to go along and find out.

Jam Cafe
Friday February 3rd
Doors: 8pm
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Alice Robbins x