Well, it’s rather a special week for Notts musically. An EP launch for a super cute duo, a brand new World music festival AND the return of one of Notts’ finest Alternative festivals. Boom.


First up its possibly the most lovable duo to ever grace Notts – MOLLY & JACK. They’re launching their debut EP “Many a Moon” at Nottingham Contemporary this Friday, and it’s looking to be rather a special night! If you’re unfamiliar with M&J, here’s the deal – they’re a duo (funny that), that make some absolutely beautiful Folky-Pop tunes. Filled with stunning harmonies, ridiculously catchy melodies and some damn fine songwriting too. They moved to Notts for the music scene last year, and now that we’ve claimed them as one of our own (muahahaha), they’re launching their EP here. Great stuff.

And, the kind buggers have only gone and got two Notts peeps supporting as well. Two mighty fine ones at that! ROBYN HUGHES-JONES is up first, delivering her sultry soulful Acoustic sounds. We first heard her tune “J’adore” back in early 2014, and we still find ourselves singing it seductively to ourselves in the mirror… okay, maybe that’s just me, but the point is she’s a great songwriter with a voice that is quite simply out of this world. You’ll love her, promise!

And then there’s the gent known as GEORGE HOLROYD – he’s just got back off a wild tour, that his Facebook tells me involved a near biblical storm and 784,976 baguettes, now whilst we can’t promise that much value in terms of carbs, what we can promise you is amazement when you see this fella live. Amazement that both his music, and the fact his hand hasn’t fell off yet (he bloody attacks that guitar!)

Nottingham Contemporary
Friday 4th September
Price: £6
Doors: 730pm


On Saturday, Nottingham’s World Music Family Festival takes over Sneinton Market for a day full of live music and free, fun family times.

Put on by NOMAD, you can expect to hear…

Some Eastern European Contemporary Folk from MUHA, a wild mix of traiditional Greek genres in YUBU KA and some stunning Soul sounds from LISA HENDRICKS. SALMAGUNDI will bring a bunch of genres together (Czardas, Ska and more!) to make something rather funky, RIKKI THOMAS-MARTINEZ will be bringing some Latin grooves to the stage to get you shakin what your mama gave ya, and UJAHM will deliver the Summer vibes in the form of some Ska-Reggae. WAQAS CHOUDARY will stun with his Basuri flute playing, RAM1 and THE ITES BAND will bring some good old fashioned Roots Reggae and MENDI SINGH will wow wit his Tabla playing skills. BLESSING MAGORE will be spreading the love with his Afro-Funk vibes, and finally ARIAN will be delivering some stunning renditions of Anglo-Iranian tunes.

And, like we said, it’s free. All that World music goodness for nowt. GET ON IT!

Sneinton Market
Saturday 5th September
Price: Free
Doors: 2PM


As Festival Season comes to a close, there’s only a few Notts big-hitters left on the horizon. Next up is Macmillan Fest – put on by IKE Productions, it’s an Alternative fest spread across six stages. Again, like most Notts festivals, there’s lots of New Notts Music loving, so much that by the time we’d written about all of them, the festival will have been and gone, so in line with being objective and fair, I’m gonna speak about the headliners of each stage, then link you to the full lineup.


On the Rescue Rooms stage, we have the blissfully mental EVIL SCARECROW, who are a Heavy Metal band that are just as crazy as the name would have you expecting them to be. Screams, insane riffs, and some rather “interesting” aesthetics. You’ve certainly got a treat waiting for ya with these guys.

The Rescue Rooms bar is headed up by none other than EYRE LLEW. One of the most beautiful bands we have ever heard (their music we mean, but their not bad looking either.) Their sound is so stunning, they genuinely could get away with listing their genre as “beautiful” and I doubt anyone would argue with that. Still only on like their fifth live show, you need to see these guys while you still can, cos it ain’t gonna be long ‘til their filling huge venues!

The Stealth stage is actually headlined by a Non-Notts band – BUT the highest up Notts band is FAMOUS FOR NOTHING. A Metalcore band that will destroy your eardrums in the best way possible. But, they’ve also got some super catchy melodies in there too thanks to the clean vocals. So, accessible ear destroying Metalcore. Try saying that after a few.

The Spanky Van Dykes stage will be led by Stoner Rockers WIDOWS. If you want to get a bit crazy, these guys are what you need – fast, heavy, and with plenty of riffs to keep you going. Sadly, their bassist just left die to work commitments BUT THEY’RE STILL READY TO MELT YOUR FACES OFF. Yeah.

The Red Rooms stage has those crazy sods in DEAF BRIDGES headlining. Now, we’re not calling em crazy cos we don’t like ‘em – we’re calling em crazy cos the majority of their songs are laced with some mad pop culture references/ plenty of catchy sounds. They’ll make you smile a lot, put it that way!

Finally, the Rock City Basement stage is led (Notts wise) by the huge Alt-Pop sounds of LACEY. A band whose sound could easily fill an arena. They released their album “The Brightest Lights” earlier in the year, and it’s full of those songs that make you wanna jump up and shout “woah-oh” at the top of your lungs. Hearing those in a packed out basment, is sure to be a pretty special moment.

Not bad for 10 squid is it? Full lineup HERE.

Multiple Venues
Saturday 5th September
Price: £10
Doors: 2PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x