Another week, another set of amazing gigs for the Nottingham music scene. This week we’ve got an Bluesy EP launch, and two incredible lineups of varied local talent; and none of them will cost you a penny!


Down at The Malt Cross this Thursday, you can expect a bunch of incredible Nottingham artists thanks to Under The Tree.

MO MORRIS AND THE STRUGGLING BAND will be opening the night with some Country & Bluegrass vibes. With Mo’s honest, optimistic songwriting and warm, soothing voice; the band manage to inspire and entertain, all through the medium of music.

TWELVE are up next, whom you may recognise a bit, as they used to be known as CHARM OF ACHILLES. Well, the infectious sounds of their previous incarnation have been beefed out with a few new members, and now they’re making even bigger sounds than before. We’re sure you’ll be hearing plenty more of them in the coming months, so make sure to catch their performance!

Next up we have the incredible Folk stylings of LEAH SINEAD. With her enchanting voice and deep, heartfelt lyrics that tug at the heartstrings; Leah demonstrates an exciting, refreshing take on the popular genre. Molly & Jack from Lincoln will also be performing.

Finally we’ll have GEORGE HOLROYD, who’s Acoustic stylings always bring a crowd to their feet. With distinctive vocals and some very lively arrangements; we’re sure George will put on quite a performance.

Doors: 7PM
Free: Free


Wire & Wool are putting on a varied night of entertainment over at Alley Cafe this Thursday, and they’ve got some great Notts musicians on the lineup.

First we’ll have UP, a new duo, whose entire performance is based around “the young guitar”, the ukulele. They make catchy, sweet songs; and lets face it, who doesn’t like a good old fashioned uke singalong?

BETH FRISBY, the multi-instrumentalist who you’ve probably seen around Notts helping out other musicians, will be taking the spotlight herself on Thursday. Her quirky Acoustic Pop and silky sweet vocals are sure to put a smile on your face.

JAMES GOOCH will be following with his intricate melodies and rock & roll swagger. Armed with just a guitar and his raw, husky voice; James is known for putting on a great live performance.

Finally, we’ll have C. Nope, I haven’t missed off a few letters; C is a new artist to the Nottingham scene, so new in fact that all we can find out about her comes straight from the promoters themselves. She’s described as a talented pianist and singer/songwriter, who will enchant you with her soft melodies and deep lyrics. We look forward to seeing this mysterious lady perform!

Doors: 8PM
Price: Free


RYAN THOMAS is launching his new EP “Worries & Troubles” next week, so to celebrate he’s putting on one hell of a launch party down at Jam Cafe this Friday.

For those unfamiliar, Ryan makes some of the most authentic Blues you’ll hear outside of Texas. Seriously, this man manages to craft sounds that transport you fifty years back in time, and give you a sudden craving for bourbon. With his slick guitar licks and husky vocals, he’s made quite a name for himself as a live performer, and we’re looking forward to seeing this new EP in action!

Ryan’s also got some great support behind him for the launch too. TOM MCCARTNEY will be opening the night with his youthful take on the Blues. Despite having just a guitar to accompany him, Tom has a BIG Blues sound, which we’re sure will go down a treat at Jam Cafe.

The sweet, Folky tones of ANYWN WILLIAMS are up next. Anwyn has become a big part of the Nottingham music scene recently, gigging all around and turning lots of frowns upside down with her almost Joni Mitchell esque sound. She’s one to watch for sure!

HEAVYHEADS will be last up before Ryan. The duo are the perfect example of how just two voices harmonising can create something very special. WIth easily relatable songs, and a knack for a catchy melody; we’re sure these guys will set the tone just right for Ryan’s performance.

Doors: 8PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny/Aidan Grant x

P.S The battle rap craze that is Don’t Flop is coming to Rescue Rooms this Saturday, and it’s shaping up to be a huge event! We didn’t include it in our Top Three, as it has almost sold-out, and it’s £25 a ticket. But, if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll get to see both BRU-C and YOUTHORACLE battle amongst some huge names in the battle-rap scene. For more info on Don’t Flop, make sure to check out our media dad LeftLion’s article on the craze. Big up Nottingham!

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