Well, it’s a special week for the Nottingham music scene this week. Not only do we have one of Notts’ best Soul artists coming back for her first ever headline Rescue Rooms gig, but we also have some invaluable information on how to get signed (if you want to) at our Nusic Academy Workshop, and one cracker of an acoustic lineup on Friday.


This Tuesday, as part of Confetti’s Industry Week, we’re putting on a free-ticketed Nusic Academy Workshop known as “How To Get Signed (If You Want To)” at Antenna. We realise it’s a bit cheeky to put this in the Top Three, but we genuinely think this is one of the best opportunities for musicians out there this week, so we felt like we should include it. Plus, we also reckon there’s a chance for a bit of a spontaneous jam what with all these Nottingham superstars being in one room. Don’t hold us to that though!

This workshop is aimed at musicians who want to take the big step of getting signed to a label, or, as the brackets point out, don’t want to sign to a label but still want to make a living from their music. To show the different routes you can take will be indie label signee HARLEIGHBLU, George Akins (DOG IS DEAD & INDIANA’s Manager) and major label signees JOE KEOGH (of AMBER RUN) and SAINT RAYMOND. They will all be giving advice on how they got signed, and what they’ve learn on their personal journeys. We’ll also be doing our famous love-spreading (ooer!), pointing out to you the who’s who in the room, so you get the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the Nottingham music industry.

Tickets are free, but you better be quick! There are 25 amount of tickets left, and we expect those to be gone very soon!

Doors: 5:30PM
Price: Free – Get your ticket HERE


Speaking of the soulful powerhouse that is HARLEIGHBLU, she’ll be performing her first ever headline gig at the Rescue Rooms this Saturday. It’s a huge moment for any artist to play to a 450 capacity venue, and also quite a daunting one. But if anyone can stun the RR crowd, we reckon it’s our Harls.

Since releasing her debut album Forget Me Not (and filming an accompanying Nusic Presents session at Nottingham Castle) she’s gone from strength to strength, making a name for herself nationally, and even ended up being best mates with Mistajam, who recently referred to her as “the future of hip-hop Soul”. The album flew off the shelves and for good reason. Harls is one of the few true Soul artists out there at the minute, and we couldn’t be more proud to see the success that she’s received. Pop on down to our Nusic Academy Workshop on Tuesday to hear her story, and then see the soulstress in action on Saturday. You won’t want to miss either, believe us. Support acts tbc.

Doors: 7:30PM
Price: £10


Rounding off our Top Three this week is the rather bluntly named “Shut The F*** Up Acoustic Night” at The Chameleon this Friday.

Hosted by the loveable duo that is THE STEADY SOUND, you can expect a night full of incredible acoustic talent. DAUDI MATSIKO of The High Hopes Society will start the night by bringing his beautiful, tender arrangements to the stage, and no doubt a tear to your eye. AGNES BELLA will follow with her delicate harmonies and carefully crafted songs.

Next up we have the punchy, Liam Gallagher-esque sounds of CONNOR SPRAY; he’s new to the scene, but he’s been making quite the name for himself already. DAN HEATHCOTE will be wowing the crowd with his flawless falsetto and intricate songwriting, before hosts THE STEADY SOUND take to the stage to perform some smooth mellow jams.

Doors: 8:30PM
Price: £3.50

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny

PS: Details on how to submit listings for future Top Three Gigs are as always in our FAQs: nusic.org.uk/faq