This week sees yet another incredibly strong week for the Nottingham music scene. This time we’ve got a load of bands for you Indie fans, as well as an EP launch, and an album launch!


This Friday at the Golden Fleece, you can expect to find a right mish mash of loads of great Nottingham talent.

Kicking things off we’ll have the stunning sounds of PHOEBE BALL, she’ll bring some beautiful melodies and incredibly soulful vocals to the night – mixing up traditional Singer-Songwriter vibes with a bit of Jazz and Folk to make quite a distinctive sound.

That loveable chap CONNOR SPRAY will be up next, bringing some of his angsty captivating tunes. Recently Connor’s been bringing both an electric and acoustic guitar to his live sets, and it makes for a really interesting live performance. We’ve been humming his next single “All About Me” since we first heard it at Waterfront, so make sure to catch this fella if you can!

Normally known for their Alternative Rock sounds, THE EMPIRES will be taking to the stage with a more stripped back Acoustic set for this performance. We’re sure their knack for a catchy melody will translate just as well and we look forward to hearing this new side to their songs.

Those interestingly named fellas in BAYBO SQUAYBO will be up next, bringing their distorted Indie/incredibly hard to describe sounds to the stage. First they’ll have you dancing around to their upbeat vibes, then they’ll have you staring in awe at some of their more intense tunes. Hurry up and get an EP out lads, we want more!

Rounding off the night we’ll have THE MITHERED, who bring a more traditional Indie sound to the evening. From their ridiculously catchy picky guitar riffs, to their honest songwriting style, you can clearly see that they’re influenced by some of the Indie greats such as Oasis and The Libertines – so make sure you catch their set, before they’re playing to Hyde Park or something.

Price: Free
Doors 7pm


This Friday at The Chameleon, THREE GIRL RHUMBA will be throwing a launch party for their new self-titled EP, and it’s shaping up to be quite a night!

THREE GIRL RHUMBA bring alternative, dancey jangles in all the right places – with the kind of riffs that make you want to make a complete idiot out of yourself airguitar styley, and have you shouting along as if you’re an eleven year old girl at a One Direction concert. We mean that as a compliment. Seriously, this EP has been a long time coming, and we’ve been looking forward to it for ages, so get yourself down, have a bit of a dance, and appreciate what we’re sure is going to be a fine piece of music!

Supporting on the night (well we say supporting, he’s actually on after TGR), will be the futuristic Electronica sounds of TRAY ELECTRIC. The soothing electronic pseudonym of Jody Betts, we expect him to round the night off in style. It’s funky. It makes you want to groove. And it’s at the end of the night when you’ve probably had a few – so, perfect then.

Price: £4
Doors: 8pm


This Friday at JT Soar, our Artist Of The Month for August LESS THAN NOTHING will be throwing a massive party for the launch of their debut album “It WIll Set You Free”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the boys in LESS THAN NOTHING, you may be a bit confused when you give a few of their tracks a listen. As, after a few minutes, you’ll realise… there are no vocals! Nope, these guys are purely instrumental, so it’s a bloody good job these guys are incredibly skilled at what they do. Using a mix of punchy catchy riffs, melodic breakdowns; and some really interesting percussion, they manage to draw you in and never let go. If you don’t often listen to instrumental, you need to give these guys a listen, cos they just might convert you!

Support on the night will come from the soulful sounds of ROBYN HUGHES-JONES. Robyn’s beautiful husky voice is quite unlike anything we’ve heard before; and on songs like “J’adore” or “What’s A Girl To Do?”, her foxy side shines through, showing that she has a knack for writing songs that are truly unique. What’s a girl to do? Make incredible music, apparently. Also supporting will be Bouviér from York, and Ted Mcgrory from Grantham.

Price: £3
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katey Dawson/Sam Nahirny x