It’s been another week of sweet sweet Nottingham loveliness in the music scene, and don’t you think it’ll stop there! Or ever! Because yet again there’s a great line up of shows coming to you this week, and you’ll be a fool to miss them. This week it’s two headline shows with some exciting support, and a launch of a new talent discovery and development team. Got it? Grand.


IKE Productions presents an exciting line up of THE GORGEOUS CHANS and HUSKIES at Rescue Rooms this Tuesday, with support from THE BREAKFAST CLUB and JOSH KEMP.

The first act of the night is THE BREAKFAST CLUB, who were going to send us over some new and exciting information about themselves, but they didn’t (apparently, their Facebook is no longer to be believed, and they SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES). However, a little Pop prince birdy told me (that’s Deputy Editor Sam) that they have welcomed a GAL to the band. Lovely. I for one am keen to see her contribution to the honest Pop band, who are known for their catchy choruses and funny lyrics reminiscent of The Midnight Beast.

JOSH KEMP is up next – a Singer-Songwriter whose music concentrates on humble themes, such as heartbreak and hangovers, but whose deliverance is anything but. Prepare to be astounded, as he uses not much more than a simple guitar, loop pedal, and his honest voice to construct beautifully expressive songs that will stick with you.

The weather is on the cusp of being almost bearable recently, so in anticipation of the breezy Summer love vibes we have been gifted HUSKIES. Who, if you don’t know, are NOT a band of adorable snow puppies, (omfg though, imagine…) but don’t be disappointed just yet! These guys are a hugely talented and fun Indie Pop band, with a knack for incredibly catchy hooks. Their uplifting, summery guitar riffs and energetic stage presence make sure that they always nail a fantastic show.

The final act for us this Tuesday is THE GORGEOUS CHANS, who are an Indie Pop band with six core members consisting mainly of the usual guitars and drums, but we’ve also seen them with more members wielding trumpets and saxophones (Not sure how they all fit on stage but I suspect it’s witchcraft, or some sort of clown car-type trickery…) The brass input brings a cool, snazzy Ska-like quality to their music, and emphasises the plethora of musical talents that the band possesses. Perfect for finally unveiling those dance moves we all know you’ve been keeping strictly between you and your bedroom mirror (it’s okay, we’re all friends here).

Rescue Rooms
Tuesday 7th April
Doors: 6.30pm
Admission: £6


Also thanks to IKE Productions (they’re proper on it this week ain’t they?), we have another load of tasty Nott’s Indie goodness to stuff your face with – SUSPECT ALIBI with support from IN THE TEEPEES, ED JAMES AND BRAD MATTHEWS on Wednesday at the Rock City Basement.

IN THE TEEPEES are a three-piece band owning super catchy riffs and punchy (in the non-bleedy way) vocals. With their Indie Pop vibe and energetic delivery, they’re sure to set the tone for the night. Oh, and for those that are already die-hard fans, they also promised new music for us very soon back in Feb! Exciting stuff…

ED JAMES are up next – two guys, one girl, a whole lotta cool. The three-piece Indie band are diverse in the way that they are a self proclaimed chilled act, but are still danceable (so come along, even if it’s just to find out what that means?) Ed’s vocal is complimented beautifully by the memorable melodies, and you can tell they’ve been working hard this past year perfecting their act. An exciting new addition to the line-up, we say.

The penultimate act for the night is BRAD MATTHEWS – a brilliantly talented songwriter. Check out his recent original track released on YouTube `Outta the Cage‘ and you’ll see what we mean. Brad showcases an array of well-crafted acoustic musical talent, and his voice and guitar work are definitely a great way to round off the evening and lead you smoothly to the final act…

Finally we have SUSPECT ALIBI – Who, if you’ve been living in the Nottingham caves or something, you won’t know is a young Indie five-piece consisting of nifty guitar work laced with synth keys and sweeping melodies. Not to mention the catchy choruses which summon a sing-along. After releasing their debut EP `Roadside‘ back in February, and playing muddy ol’ Glastonbury last year (I was there!) they have repeatedly been acknowledged for consistently smashing their performance. Definitely one to watch!

Rock City Basement
Wed April 8th
Doors: 6.30pm
Admission: £5


On Friday it’s Gilles Peterson & Brownswood Presents: Future Bubblers – Nottingham Launch, hosted at Nott’s new epicentre of vinyl (and yummy bagels) Rough Trade. Working closely with Mimm, Future Bubblers is a talent discovery and development team who are digging out the most exciting and innovative musical creatives in Nottingham, and first on the list is the aptly chosen THREE BODY TRIO and YAZMIN LACEY.

THREE BODY TRIO are an organic, improvised Electronic trio (obvs) devised of Mos Isely, Peter Beardsworth and Tom Towle. They provide atmospheric, chilled beats devised of a free Jazz/Electronic genre hybrid. The beautiful melodies are bold yet smooth and comforting, and if you’re like me, are bound to leave you zoned out and accidentally ignoring your mates (it’s happened a few times to me today…).

Next, immerse yourself in the buttery smooth sounds of YAZMIN LACEY, who is a profoundly exciting lyricist and vocalist. She’s been working with TREKKAH on his most recent EP, creating smooth Electronic beats with beautifully balanced, soulful vocals. Expect a laid back Acoustic set on the night, with sultry, poetic lyrics projected through Yazmin’s gorgeous, resonating voice.

Also playing will be some of Notts’ finest producers CONGI and WARREN XCLNCE.

Rough Trade
Friday 10th April
Doors: 8.30pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x