Well lovely reader of the cyber world, it ain’t half good to see you again. It’s officially (kind of, for one uni) the last week of those student types hanging around these parts, alas they will be missed, apart from on a Wednesday – if I have to see another Where’s Wally chucking up on a Wednesday I think that’ll be the end of me. Anyway for a final blow out we have a Ukiyo Records showcase at The Bodega, SEAS OF MIRTH’S album launch party and an Alt-Rock all-nighter at The Maze.


Showcasing four brilliant Notts artists, Ukiyo Records make roost for one night at The Bodega.

Armed with a piano, beats and synths, LOWRIE is a multitalented instrumentalist whose ghostly vocals will have your eyes sweating (I mean crying when I say that). Following the release of his debut mixtape ‘Floating Points’ in March, Lowrie has played a string of gigs revealing how one man can make a ‘polyphonic’ sound. At times gentle, at times striking, your emotions will be in bedlam.

The effortlessly named MOLLY AND JACK met when they were four years old. Now they’re together producing a blend of beaut Indie/Acoustic/Folk. Debut EP ‘Many A Moon’ came out last year and captures the wholesomeness of pure, authentic voices and guitars. Listening to these two will make you wanna reach for a loving embrace (but maybe hold up till you get home so you don’t freak out the person next to you).

A supeeeeeer talented lady, BETH FRISBY is a master on the violin, a fantastic keyboard and guitar player and an incredible singer with an expressive voice. Her dark ambient Pop has seen a play on Radio 1 by Huw Stephens as well as plenty of other National loving. She’s back in the studio recording, so, will we get a chance to hear something new from the forthcoming EP?

JAMIE MOON (Not Jamie Woon that other singer-songwriter blokey) is also representing Ukiyo. As it starts getting more summery all I want to do is wander out into the woods with an old VHS camera and listen to ‘Oh, My Heart’ (ok yes I have watched the video to ‘Fear For Your Life’ too many times). His soft melodic guitar playing and rich deep vocals are delicate and emotive, really hitting the spot (wherever that spot is, I’ve got no idea).

The Bodega
Doors: 6.30pm
Entry: You can buy tickets, here.


AHOOY the time has finally come! The end is nigh! Pick up your vessel of grog and make way to the Nottingham Contemporary as 9 ‘bawdy bellowing buccaneers’ sail to our shores to bring to you the almighty, the all-magnificent debut album ‘Hark! The Headland Approacheth!’. These nautical scallywags know a thing or two about partying so prepare for a beastly blow-out. A typhoon of folk instrumentation, worldly rhythms and Prog-Rock influences, SEAS OF MIRTH are bizarre, energetic and swashbuckling fun. Spinning yarns of seafaring adventures, these ‘rugged reprobates’ have a summer of festivals that most of you would turn green-eyed at. Catch this chaotic cacophony while you can and be sure to steal yourself a bit of treasure, arrrrrggghhh!

Supporting our pirate brethren is 94 GUNSHIPS. Ready to blow you out the water, Will and Rob’s gruff Bluesy vocals sounds as Under The Tree’s Kim Winter perfectly put it, ‘as whisky tastes’. Accompanied by twangy instrumental parts, they doth blow a good a tune as they say. Catchy lyrics and ‘rhythmic gibberish’ make it easy to step 1 2 (that’s dancing btw).

Nottingham Contemporary
Doors: 7.30pm
Entry: Free


Ready to rock? After dark? All night? Good job we have an after dark Alternative Rock all nighter for you then isn’t it…

Dark and mysterious, four piece ZADKIEL combine beautifully melodic vocals with moody Indie Rock vibes. Nirvana meets Jeff Buckley with maybe a little bit of Radiohead thrown in… a sensuous sound for your earholes. Following their album ‘The Saturn Return’, a new EP will be dropped this summer hopefully showcasing some of their new influences.

Showing no signs of dawdling, Post Punk/Indie-Rock band PRIME are gearing up to release their first proper single ‘To Be Or Not To Be’ on June 17th. Having already released a mini album and EP since their inception in 2014, they’ve got three releases planned this year. Their sound is a tantalising concoction of heavy riffs, powerful drums and socially acute if not slightly anarchic lyrics. Brash and bold, a great energy live.

IN ISOLATION embody a certain ‘Back To The Future’ type vibe. They draw inspiration from the Post Punk 80s but still have a 2016 edge. If The Editors, The Cure and Bowie had a threesome (well firstly that would be interesting wouldn’t it) we might just get a sorta II sprog. Creating ‘a sound that your ears may well want to get into bed with’, you’ll be schmoozed and bamboozed before the end.

Most of you would think a marriage between Hip Hop and Rock would end quickly in divorce. Rock would get moody and say ‘stuff this, you jumpy breaky sod you’. Undoubtedly Hip Hop would reply ‘You just want thick guitar riffs and heavy drum beats and I can’t give you that’ and it would all break down and be very messy. Well that was a long (and rather painful) way of saying DEF GOLDBLUM do the fusion most convincingly. With ‘3 skinheads and 1 MC on a mission to save the soul of rap metal’, we ain’t gettin’ in the way.

The Maze
Doors: 7.30pm
Entry: £3 adv, £5 otd, £4 w/ NUS

Yours in Love of New Music,
Anna Butler x