MOLLIE RALPH. Photo Credit: Ethan Stewart.

Ello fine reader. How you doin’? We’ve got a well good selection of new live music for those ears of yours. Whether it’s Mansfield’s finest, well lit Notts musicians, or 27 live acts under one (well supported) roof. All these gigs are under a fiver, so get your arse in gear, grab a mate, and get gigging.


Inspire Youth Arts do loads to support the creatives of Notts, and specifically, the shire. Music wise, they’re always putting on Workshops, lessons, opportunities, and all other kinds of good shit to help the young musicians of this fine county. This Thursday and Friday is their annual showcase which aims to… well, showcase, some of the best artists they’ve come across this past year. It’s on both Thursday and Friday – so you have two chances to down your ‘awesome shire musician’ goodness pill, and, it’s only three quid. THREE QUID. That’s like the price of a diet pepsi. And we can guarantee these musicians are a lot better for your soul and lifespan than diet pepsi.

Mansfield Palace Theatre
Thursday 22nd / Friday 23rd February.
Price: £3
Doors: 7pm


This weekend sees Nottingham get LIT! No, like, legit – it’s Light Night – where Notts is illuminated by lots of pretty… erm, illuminations, all across the city. It is quite a feat for those eyeballs of yours. And on top of that, there’s always a bunch of awesome music going off across the city to accompany it.

There is SO much stuff, there’s no way we could list it here without ya getting bored of reading and ending up watching some baking show or somethin’. We will tell ya of a particularly interesting one – Sneinton Market – thanks to I’m Not From London they’re getting BONE CULT (yes, the masks will look siiiiiick), JAKE BURNS, PAUL NOSE and loads more to all put on a little shindig in between those well pretty buildings. Ya know – opposite the place that sells the cheap bread. That one. For a full list of everything going on – check the list HERE.

Multiple Places in Notts City
Friday 23rd February
Price: Free
Doors: Most events begin post-6pm.


It’s the fifteenth anniversary of good ol’ Rescue Rooms opening its doors. As this really lame website we found tells us, if this were like a real human anniversary, you’d have to buy it crystals, a watch, a ruby, and a rose. But thankfully – RR is not a person – it’s a venue – a venue that on it’s fifteenth anniversary is actually giving you a present. A WHOLE BANGING DAY of new Notts music. Tasty. Three stages full of local music delicacy. From the mental Metalcore of BLACK INK through to the acoustic bliss of MOLLIE RALPH. There’s 27 live acts playing across the day – tickets are only five quid. AND – you get a free drink with your ticket. So – it’s basically free. If you drink. Even if you don’t what’s a fiver? You’ve lost more than that as you’ve legged it for an NCT bus.

Full line-up is HERE, duck.

Rescue Rooms
Saturday 24th February
Price: £5 – included free drink and entry to afterparty.
Doors: 12pm.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x