New Music, live in session, from Nottingham for Nusic. The latest Nottingham artist in the Nusic Future Session studio is… APRIL TOWERS.

Recorded on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at Confetti Studios

Be warned there may be some fruity language during this live session and interview.


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On this weeks New Music Podcast, we kick off the Future Sound of Nottingham Round One, announce this years STL winner, and we play you a Nottingham iTunes No.1.

The Podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

NUSIC New Music Podcast 76 (132) – TRACKLISTING

ED BL – Tonight
ALASKAN FACTION – Taste The Perfume
TASHA DEAN – Let’s Make Peace (VIMTO Remix)
REWIND: EDUCATED FOOLZ (Produced by NICK STEZ) – My Heart Let It Fall
RYAN THOMAS – Skinny Woman
APRIL TOWERS – Tel Aviv (Future Session Live Track)
BEATBOXER EKKO (Produced by THE ELEMENTZ) – Mouth Arkade

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When you think of an EP launch, what do you think? Probably something intimate, maybe at Jam Cafe or a similar size venue? Well, how about an EP launch at the humongous space that is the Albert Hall, with two sisters, a full live band, a fifty children choir and a fifty strong youth orchestra? Yeah, it sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what THE HARGREAVES are doing on May 1st, and they’re doing it all in the name of charity!

For those unfamiliar, THE HARGREAVES are two sisters; STEPHANIE HARGREAVES, and ELENA HARGREAVES, who have both made quite a name for themselves in their solo careers. This venture however, sees the girls come together to bring their unique blend of Pop, Soul and Folk to a huge crowd.

They won’t be alone though, oh no! As mentioned, the sisters will be joined on stage by THE ROBIN HOOD YOUTH ORCHESTRA, as well as an incredible choir of fifty children from Milford Academy, which we’re sure will help make this a very epic performance!

The entire project, buildup and all is being documented by Spool Films for Notts TV; and they’ve already gone and made a snazzy promo video, which you can find HERE.

Their intention is to inspire the children of today, and make them realise you don’t have to be a manufactured popstar to make beautiful music. The duo want to open up a whole new world to these children, and introduce them to the creative industries in a new, exciting way.

As such, all money raised from the launch will be donated to the Notts Education Trust, a charity providing children with some incredible creative opportunities outside of mainstream education. The girls are helping towards this, and you can expect all merchandise, stage design and more to have been designed by the children they have been working with.

There’s also some cracking support on the night. First, we have THE GOLDEN TROUBADOURS, who will be opening the night with their blissful melodies, heartfelt lyrics and HUGE sound. We reckon they’ll kick the night off to an awesome start.

JOY MUMFORD will also be supporting the sisters, she went down a treat as she supported the sisters at their London preview show, and we reckon her beautiful, soulful Folk will set the tone just right for THE HARGREAVES performance.

This is a huge event, and it’s great to see local musicians be able to give so much back to the community. We have no doubt that everyone involved will help make this one incredible night, and now all they need is you! May 1st, get your tickets, put it in your diaries, and get on down to one of the biggest nights that the Nottingham scene has had this year!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Aidan Grant/Sam Nahirny x

Hit The Deck was the first of many festivals that Nottingham has the pleasure of hosting this year, and it truly kicked our Summer Of Love off to a great start!

The first half of the day was practically dedicated to Nottingham artists. Straight after collecting our wristbands outside of Rock City, we noticed an absolutely massive queue. It was for ADELPHIA who were opening the main stage. A huge moment for any band, but one that isn’t made any easier when your vocalist suddenly comes down with a sore throat and sounds like Batman backstage.But, the boys pulled it off, and when they came out on stage they absolutely smashed it! With about a thousand people there to see them, the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands; mosh pits were started, girls were screaming their names, and overall, we were very impressed with the bands performance!

As soon as ADELPHIA had finished, we legged it to The Forum to see LACEY. Praised by the likes of Kerrang and Front Magazine, these boys make very upbeat, catchy Alternative Rock tunes, and put on a great live performance. The band seemed very humbled to have such a great reaction from the crowd; there’s just something about the community feel of Hit The Deck in that everyone was going absolutely crazy for them, even those who were not familiar with them before! With some soaring choruses that didn’t leave our heads for a good few hours, we left The Forum very impressed!

As we settled into the Rescue Rooms bar (where we planned to stay for a good few hours), we were instantly met by a rather chirpy fellow who goes by the name of ALEX HEL. Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, Alex sang some incredibly catchy Acoustic tunes, with so much energy we reckon he’d had one too many Red Bull’s! With a nice silky, yet edgy tone to his voice he won over the bar; and even advised us to Google his name, just so we could see a period where he looked like one of Megadeth, clever!

Next up in Rescue Rooms bar was ADAM ZAREBA, a rather young lad with a beautiful voice and a knack for making catchy, bouncy Acoustic tunes that make you want to jump all over the place. His new EP was released today, so his set mostly comprised of this EP, and a few covers (that we won’t talk about here, as we love original songwriting!) that got the crowd singing along within seconds. Despite speaking to Adam beforehand where he explained he was incredibly nervous, you would not be able to tell, cause the second he got on stage he was incredibly confident, having plenty of banter with the crowd, and clearly enjoying sharing his music with the room!

SAM JONES was up next, known for his incredibly powerful vocals, this performance was no different. Sam’s vocals filled the room and his strong stage presence meant that no one could look away! “Oh My My” was a particular standout, and I personally still have the chorus going round and round my head. To finish off the set Sam played us a brand new song, “Coming Home”, and it really was something special. With deep sentiments wrapped up in some very catchy melodies, we reckon Sam has a new crowd favourite in his repertoire!

The last Nottingham act we had the pleasure of seeing (bloody time clashes) was the absolutely mental legends that were BABY GODZILLA. I’m not gonna lie, I stayed well at the back, because I wanted to come out of this gig with working limbs, but it was still an experience I’ll never forget. BABY GODZILLA are one of the hardest bands to review, because they’re just so crazy, your brain just kind of freezes up whilst you’re watching them. They had the entirety of Stealth screaming (and I mean screaming) the songs back at them, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mosh pit that I’ve been more terrified of. I’m not a wimp. Like I said, I just wanted to come out of the gig alive.

Well, there’s my summary of the incredible Nottingham talent that I had the pleasure of seeing at this years Hit The Deck Festival. Plenty of people had come from outside of Nottingham to experience HTD, and I’m very happy to say, I’m sure that plenty of those out of towners, will have a fair few Nottingham artists on their iPod now. Nice one Nottingham, nice one!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

The Nottingham music scene never sleeps, and yet again this week, we have another three amazing gigs for you. This week sees three very eclectic lineups over three different venues.


First up on this week’s Top Three we have a mix of Indie bands at The Maze on Tuesday , thanks to Boombox Promotions.

Kicking off the night are THE SILHOUETTES whose upbeat blend of Indie and Ska always gets a crowd up and dancing. The four-piece have been gigging all over the place and have won over plenty of new fans recently, and we’re sure they’ll win you over too.

Those of you who have heard ALASKAN FACTION on our recent New Music Podcast, will know that they have some incredibly catchy melodies and guitar riffs that you can look forward to. It’s also a great chance to see them before they take a short hiatus due to exams, so make sure to get down and support!

HUSKIES are next on the lineup with their laid back Surf-Pop, which is sure to get you in that Summer mood! They recently made it into NME’s Radar section, and they’re generating quite a bit of buzz, so make sure you see these guys in action before they hit the big time!

Get Cubs from Burton-On-Trent will also be playing.

Doors: 7PM
Price: £4


LOOK! THE MOON!! sees several great Nottingham acts at The Orange Tree this Wednesday thanks to I’m Not From London.

Three Nottingham acts will be performing a variety of music styles starting with BLESSING MAGORE’s Zimbabwean inspired Reggae-Funk. With a very unique sound, and some very catchy choruses, this guy always puts a smile on our faces, and we’re sure he’ll do the same for you too.

Next up are the huge Electro-Pop sounds of APRIL TOWERS. The duo have created a lot of buzz on the local scene recently, and thanks to their soaring choruses and energetic performances, the duo are already making a name for themselves as an incredible live act! Get down, enjoy, and make sure to keep an eye out for their Future Session that comes out this Monday!

BIG RHINO will be rounding off the night with their interesting breed of ”Gypsy Pop Rock”. With some incredibly catchy melodies, and cheeky lyrics such as “let’s go, down to Tesco”, these boys will have you singing some ridiculous things, but, you won’t mind, cause they’re so bloody catchy!

Doors: 8:15PM
Price: Free


Finally on Friday we have ONE BOMB, JONNY GRISTLE and JIALLO all at Jam Café thanks to Farmyard.

Starting the night is JIALLO, an incredible Jazz band, who blur the lines between Hip Hop, Soul and Funk to create something very special. They’ll be joined by a guest vocalist, who’s being kept a surprise for now, but considering their high standard for collaborations (which has recently included the liked of BRU-C and MOTORMOUF) we’re sure they’ll be a great addition!

A band known as JONNY GRISTLE are up next; and they’re a rather mysterious bunch, who, despite our deep journalistic endeavours, we couldn’t find much on. The promoters have told us they’re a new project from some familiar Notts faces, who make Dubstep and Drum & Bass with a live band. We look forward to seeing what these guys have to offer.

Headlining the night are ONE BOMB, who will be delivering one of their explosive live sets as well as a DJ set. Teaming up with their live band, they’ll be putting on one incredible performance, that we’re sure will get you going crazy. They recently made it onto the Radio One playlist, and we see very big things for them in the future, so make sure to get on down and experience them in this intimate venue while you can.

Doors: 9PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music
Hannah Walker/Sam Nahirny x

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