NUSIC New Music Podcast 077 (133) – TRACKLISTING

This week’s New Music Podcast brings your final chance to enter this year’s FSN, the announcement of the Music Industry judges for round one of FSN and the Nottingham rapper who loathes Pitbull.

Full FSN details in the FSN page which is here.

The Podcast may contain some fruity language. Sensitive ears – you have been warned.

NUSIC New Music Podcast 77 (133) – TRACKLISTING

FIRENZA – Temptress (FLIPSIDE THEORY Radio Edit)
BRU-C – Follow Me [Phlexx]
REWIND: TASHA DEAN – Lets Make Peace (VIMTO Remix)
VAN ARMADA – Catch 22/Bookshop (The artist name was unknown at the time of the podcast going live.)
BACK TO THE FUTURE: APRIL TOWERS – Marisol (Future Session Live Track)
JOY MUMFORD – Attention (Future Session Live Track)
GARTON – Corrupt (Oh Lord)
WOLFCLUB – Passion
MANNEQUIN – Faceless
DUKE – Guns n Roses
KAGOULE – Adjust The Way
LITTLE MONO – Special Song

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