Our sixth No Rules Session is actually a bonus sesh! Whilst waiting for Dan to get out of bed, we thought – why not get Ken of FD, to do a solo performance up on the balcony. So that’s what we did. This is FD’s legendary ‘The Glass’, live from the Council House Balcony.

The idea with #NoRules was that whilst we can’t do Future Sessions, which have more rules than an EU trade deal, we’d record whoever we want, wherever we want, maybe even let them commit Nusic blasphemy and do a cover. We’re drawing the line at sessioning artists from Derby though. Or are we?

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– Ken.
– Dan for oversleeping.
– Nigel, Chelsey, Lucy and John at NCC.
– Council House pigeons.


– Producer / Director: Sam Nahirny
– Camera Op: Rob Leedell
– Audio: Grizzly Sounds
– Production Assistant: Katie Lyle
– Exec Producer: Mark Del


– Sessions supported by Confetti and DHP Family.
– No Rules kindly hosted on the balcony by the Council House pidgeons.
– Nusic.org.uk supported by Nottingham City Council.

Big love to all of our supporters.