Every year we have a bit of a tradition at FSN. No, not bringing you some of the best new musicians in Notts; that’s a given! We’re talking about our guest artist – a Nottingham musician on the rise, already selling out their own shows, who keeps you entertained playing the main stage whilst all the FSN scores are counted up.

Previous year’s guest artists have included SAINT RAYMOND, INDIANA, Today, we can announce this year’s special guest. And she’s very special indeed. It’s GEORGIE ROSE, who’s gone and got a new band together, and now they’re called GEORGIE, but it was the artist formally known as GEORGIE ROSE who answered the questions… my head hurts…

How did it feel to play your debut band show to a standing only crowd at the Glee Club?

Amazing, that was a very special night for me and the guys, first headline show in my hometown and to get that response was great. It was lovely to see faces that I’d seen at my first gigs there supporting me and enjoying it.

You’re one of the most loved Nottingham artists around; with love from some pretty big names, yet you’ve not released anything officially yet. Why?

I guess I’ve been perfecting my sound, finding the sound and myself. Which I have now, so no excuses haha. I mean these past two years I’ve played some great shows and had some great experiences but now I feel I’m finally at that stage where I’m like “now’s the time”, I’ve found the sounds that I wanna make with the people I wanna make it with , but you know you’re always developing.

You’ve had support from KT Tunstall & Billy Bragg; but is there anyone out there that you’d love to call a fan?

Anyone who supports my music no matter what, comes to my shows, show their love, they are the people to call fans.

How did the new band come about?

A change in direction that I felt was right, so I stripped back to my original influences, like Fleetwood Mac, Doobies Brothers, Carole King that 70s west coast stuff. Found what I loved doing then got in contact with these very talented guys I’ve known for a while and the first practice we were like “yes that felt great”. We make our own kind of music and hopefully things will just keep evolving.

Do we have a name for the new band yet?

Ayye it’s GEORGIE, but we are GEORGIE (ED: the FB name is still being changed over, lazy Facebook!), so I guess think Blondie. So there you go, you are the first to know!

Does the new band mean a new sound for your music?

The new sound came first I suppose. It’s not completely different but it’s more lively, diverse, fierce but subtle, west coast American. As individual musicians we all put our own creative stamp on each song.

Do you feel more pressure performing as a solo act, or as part of the band?

I never feel pressure, no I mean nerves come naturally you wouldn’t be whole if you didn’t feel anything but I guess in terms of enjoying one more, I’d say it’s as a band, cause we have so much fun, and I feel more expressive with them.

What other Notts artists are you loving at the minute?

All the FSN finalists are really great, the judges are gonna have a tough job. I’ve seen FIELD STUDIES, JOSH WHEATLEY & JOY MUMFORD before and they always smash it (ED: And we’ve seen OSCAR SPEED, THE RASCELS & CROSA ROSA, and can confirm, that they also smash it!).

Then, I’m always a fan of BAND OF JACKALS, RYAN THOMAS, AMBER RUN, SAINT RAYMOND, ONEGIRLONEBOY there are literally so many!

What’s your advice to musicians just getting started in Notts?

Gig, write, gig, write and gig, music comes first and no rush make sure you’re always happy with what your doing and playing don’t feel the pressure enjoy it and feel the love.

As you’re about to play Rock City’s main stage; what’s been the best gigging experience of your career so far?

Good question! Dot To Dot this year was pretty off the hook we really enjoyed that id say that’s one of my faves actually. Nottingham Rocks, Splendour, shows at Jam Cafe; there has been a fair few.

How’s it feel to be playing Rock City’s main stage? Are you nervous?

Pure excitement, we are all buzzing. Being from Nottingham and into music it’s a stage that you look up to. I was talking with the guys last night and we’ve all been and seen some of our favourite artists grace that stage so to step foot on there will feel very special. And of course we wanna play a great show on the night too.

Speaking of playing big gigs, do you have any special pre-show routines?

Drink whiskey! No I’m kidding, not really we just like to chill really. Double check my pockets for plectrums and gargle some water for the old vocal chords. We do actually have a huddle before too and put our hands in the middle and shout but I can’t tell you what we say before, that’s top secret!

Rumours are you’re working with some pretty big names, any comment on that?

Yeah there is some exciting stuff happening at the minute, working with some great names who know their music to a T. I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio and rehearsing so you’ll just have to keep your ears peeled.

One more thing Thanks Nusic and LeftLion, you guys rock!

We’d like to thank Georgie for taking the time to answer these questions!

Well, there you have it. GEORGIE will be this year’s annual special guest at the Future Sound of Nottingham final on Sunday 22nd June; keeping all you lot entertained whilst the judges deliberate, and some of us lot backstage try to work a calculator for the first time since GCSE maths.

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x