Our SPREAD THE LOVE competition is inspired by our big goal for the year – PROJECT SPREAD THE LOVE.

You can read more about it in our editorial right HERE.

For now we appreciate you are most interested in how you can secure that place in this year’s FUTURE SOUND OF NOTTINGHAM, you can hear the latest about that HERE .

In a nutshell we’re doing our equivalent of football’s fariplay award (which grants entry into the UEFA Cup). One Nottingham artist can secure their place amongst the twelve FUTURE SOUND OF NOTTINGHAM semi-finalists playing Market Square simply by spreading the love about OTHER Nottingham artists. The artist that spreads the most love by midday on Thursday 12th April 2012 will secure that slot, should that artist have also been chosen via the ‘judges route’ (full details on Monday’s podcast)’ then the second biggest love spreader will win the slot.


– Tag us @FeelTheNusic so we can see and count your LOVE SPREAD.
– Use at least one of the hashtags #NottsLove #SpreadTheLove
LOVE SPREADING means it must be about some else not you!
– We suggest you tag the other artist so they can see you being lovely about them, this often starts off a postiive chain reaction of LOVE SPREADING.
– Please honour the spirit of the competition, if you LOVESPREAD ‘some one else’ who we know you actually manage, sleep with etc we will discount out. The idea of #SpreadTheLove is to reach and spread good vibes about other artists for no reason other than a genuine love of what they do.
– Repeating the same LOVESPREAD does not count.
– Only the initial LOVESPREAD counts as a LOVESPREAD, for example if on twiter a conversation develops this is great and is good for both artists viraly but it does not count as further LOVE SPREADING.
LOVESPREADERS can enter the main competition (announced Monday) too.

PS As you might have guessed from the brackets in the blog post title, we will be launching a SPREAD THE LOVE comp for fans, coming soon!