SAME STREETS. Photo credit: Unknown.

“It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun” – ah, those ever so relatable words from R Kelly. Whilst it may not be the weekend as you read this, here’s one thing to pull you through, there’s tons of “freakin'” awesome gigs this coming weekend!


SAME STREETS take over Retro Rooms this Friday and they’re bringing some ace supports with them too.

Kicking off the evening we have the band that describe themselves as ‘large Indie-Rock’, FOULE. Now, we can confirm that they are definitely describing their sound and not their physical appearance, cos the impact their tunes make is massive. Melodic, yet energetic. And with some rather funky riffs too. These guys’ll start the evening off in the best way.

THE CHASE are up next. These hard-working gents have had a good string of gigs as of late (they’ve been in the T3 multiple times since May), and we’re sure this gig will carry on the theme of freakin’ awesome performances. On the off chance you haven’t heard of these fellas, they make an awesome concoction of Rock n Roll / Indie, not too far off that of SAME STREETS. Ahh, it’s all making sense now.

SAME STREETS take Rock n Roll, and some funk, and top it all off with one hell of a raspy vocal courtesy of James Gooch. They then bring it all together to make one of the best live bands going. One second you’ll be idolising guitarist Jacob’s sick riffs, then you’ll be going mad in the pit to drummer Seb’s intense percussion. And then, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be singing / screaming / shouting along to one of the many awesome melodies that James throws at ya. Not in a violent way though. A loving, friendly kinda… yeah, it’ll be awesome okay?

Retro Rooms
Price: £4
Doors: 7pm


IKE Productions have a brand new mini-festival this week, going by the name of Sweetnotes. It sees eleven ace local acts take to Rescue Rooms main stage & Red Rooms to support… The Hoosiers… ya know, GOODBYE MR A. Those guys… yeah. Anyways, we only care about those good ode Notts acts, so lets have a chat about them.

In the Red Rooms, JOEY COLLINS will be kicking things off with his Alt-Rock inspired Acoustic vibes. He released his debut EP just a few months ago and it’s bleddy awesome, so we’re looking forward to seeing those tracks live! THE RUFFS are up next, after having just played a headline Bodega show this past weekend, Connor Spray and co will be tearing up Red Rooms with their swaggerful Indie. SMITH & GROVES will chill things out a bit with their beaut Indie-Folk and stunning harmonies. BRAD MATTHEWS, fresh from performing out in the states will be back in good old Notts to deliver some of his Country-twanged Folk. And rounding it all off in that room of redness is RICHARD JENKINS, the soulful gent who’ll melt hearts and warm souls. And all those other cliches.

Over on Rescue Rooms main stage THE CHASE (yep, those guys again) will take to the stage first with their massive Grungy, Indie sounds. Shortly followed by THE TANGENTS who’ll be bringing plenty of Indie swagger and tons of catchy riffs. SILVER WILSON will get everyone dancing with their ridiculously energetic Indie-Pop vibes, while JOSH KEMP will be making us all feel happy and warm inside with his ‘super-lovely’ Acoustic stylings. THE SPECIES will get us all hooked on their super slick Arctic Monkeys-esque Indie sounds, and finishing the local loving, THE MOCKING JAYS will have the entirety of RR main room bouncing all over the place to their super catchy Pop-Rock.

Rescue Rooms
Price: £15
Doors: 2pm


HHYMN have a new album on the way, and to celebrate their throwing a launch party at Nottingham Contemporary this Saturday!

HHYMN are a very hard band to describe. Even the band themselves are aware of it, as the event page explains so eloquently – “Pinning HHYMN’s unique yet oblique music down is as downright difficult as catching a goldfish in a swimming pool with your bare hands.” Now, whilst we personally haven’t tried to pin goldfish down with our bare hands, we get what they’re tryna say. HHYMN make this beautiful, delicate creation of sound which is brimming with emotion, melody, and we’re sure plenty of other things that we can’t quite put into words. We advise you just get down for yourself to experience it, just please don’t bring your goldfish.

Supporting we have some of the loveliest humans on the planet – MOLLY & JACK. You’d probably describe them as Acoustic-Folk if forced, but there’s so much more to them than that. Beautiful harmonies that fit together like two lovers hands in a Hugh Grant rom-com. A kind of chemistry that… also is only ever found in a Hugh Grant rom-com. What’s different about them compared to a Hugh Grant rom-com? More than 14.6% of the population can actually stand them. In fact, we reckon they may be one of the most easily likeable artists out there.

Nottingham Contemporary
Price: Free
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x