Another seven days has passed and somehow it’s the middle of April (wtf?!), and we’ve put together another list of Nottingham gigs delicately selected by hand just for you lovely lot. This week it’s a birthday party, an exciting EP launch with support from three other incredible acts, and a headline show supported by a couple of other swanky Notts bands. It’s going to be another fantastic week for music!


First up on this week’s musical menu, Riverbank are celebrating their fifth birthday, and have arranged some top quality live acts, DJs and entertainers for the festival-themed party they’re throwing on Friday 24th April. At £10 a ticket, it seems like a lot, but it’s actually very cheap considering the impressive line up of acts that are playing throughout the evening. I just hope there’s cake or it’ll be a right cop out of a birthday for th… what’s that? There’s FIREWORKS, you say?! Oh, okay then.

Firstly THE RASCELS, AKA THE HALF EIGHT AKA THAT BAND THAT CHANGE THEIR NAME ALL THE TIME will be playing the main stage. These guys are a Pop-Rock band who literally cannot decide on a permanent band name. Honestly, I think they’ve changed their name almost four times in the past six months, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they are doing it just to deliberately try to confuse me (but let it be heard that I will not be broken!!) Similar to the likes of Busted and Mcfly (or… McBusted), their well-crafted music is fun, catchy and unbelievably feel-good.

RICHARD HOWELL will be in the Acoustic tent – a Singer/Songwriter and front-man of RJMARKS. He gets around Nottingham quite a bit, playing solo sets on a weekly basis, and has gathered quite a bit of love amongst the Nott’s beer-drinking folk. With guitar-work that’s tighter than his own jeans and an uplifting, self-progressive songwriting style Howell provides honest and heartfelt songs that can be enjoyed by anyone.

HEATHER FLINT will also be in the Acoustic tent playing some nifty little sing-alongs. She’s a Singer/Songwriter with some excellent original songs under her belt. Her style is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s first album (you know, the one that you can still remember all the words to, no matter how long it’s been since you attempted to skateboard and grow your hair). A refreshing, feel-good attitude will be projected by all after watching this one.

BITTER STRINGS will be the second Nottingham act to grace the main stage. These are a four-piece Alt-Rock band channelling wild Rock’n’Roll style effortlessly as they do melodic songs complimented by some loveable Northern charisma. They recently played a sold out show with The Coronas (a band that are mates with Paul McCartney, dontcha know) at Bodega, and have been gigging, like, EVERYWHERE in Nottingham. Certainly an up and coming band who are a perfect excuse to break in yer dancing shoes.

THE MONEY will take the Acoustic tent, too. These guys are a brilliant Rock band with Pop sensibilities, that have some ridiculously catchy songs. So unless you hate music or are a bit deaf, there’s literally no reason for you to not enjoy their super slick songs.

Also there will be some neat stuff going on in the back room and the gallery room, where loads of DJs and entertainers will be hanging out ready to give you some… well, entertainment. Don’t forget to bring your party hat. The pointier, the better we say.

Friday 24th April
Doors: 7:00pm
Tickets: £10


Next on the list is the JOSH WHEATLEY’s `Close‘ EP launch on Saturday night at Bodega.

Supporting will be DAUDI MATSIKO, an amazingly talented singer who will leave the room pin-drop silent, with help from a guitar and a whole load of beautifully poetic lyrics. He’ll make you feel things, guys. We met a few weeks ago after I saw him perform and HAD to express my deep love for his “grandad song about not being able to go to the loo”, lol. What I meant was the song called ‘Take Me Old‘, which I’m pretty certain almost ripped my still-beating heart out of my chest. His soft yet penetrating vocal and thought provoking lyrics really set him apart.

ROGUES are up next – they’re a duo who, from what I have heard, create excellently crafted songs which have a Pop-Punk feel to them, so if that’s yer kind of thing (or even if it isn’t!) you’re bound to have a great time. You can probably tell that despite my unquestionably thorough research, I haven’t managed to find much information on them, but I guess that’s the whole idea of a couple of rogues isn’t it…? (Yeaaah, turned that one around didn’t I?!)

The third support act of the evening is NUWALA – a three piece Acoustic Pop band with mega catchy choruses, and who have been awarded the HIGHLY esteemed title of `Ali From Jam Cafe’s New Favourite Band’. Their recent song “Paralysis” is free to listen to on their SoundCloud, so you’d better get listening, just to make sure you’re not the only person there who doesn’t know the words when the time comes to shout the chorus. Also, fun fact: NUWALA is taken from the Filipino word for ‘Lost’, which is pretty fitting, considering you’re bound to get lost in their delicately crafted musical mazes. (I am literally on fire right now…)

Finally, JOSH WHEATLEY will hit the stage to premier his new EP ‘Close‘. He’s been working in the studio with local music magician FRAZER LOWRIE for this second EP, which is set to be a little bit more Electronic than his previous release. From listening to the title track `Close‘, you can already tell that his music style has matured, and that his soulful voice is at its best ever. Labeled as Indie-Pop with a dark twist, Josh’s spine-tingling music is definitely a sound you want in your ear holes.

Saturday 25th April
Doors: 6:30pm
Tickets: £4


If JOSH WHEATLEY doesn’t sound like your thing, IVORYSERFS will also be playing on Saturday night at Nottingham Contemporary, with support from two other great Nottingham acts, in association with I’m Not from London.

Those loveable pups, HUSKIES, are up first. These guys are a Surf-Rock/Indie Pop hybrid band with some cracking riffs and soothing melodies. They’ve gotten themselves a pretty huge fan base, not only in Nottingham, but also outside of the UK by assembling uplifting, Summery vibes with their respective musical talents. They’re sure to put you in a great mood for the night.

Next up is NO! DISCO, who are a Pop Rock/Indie band. Their debut single `Your Orange Car‘ was pretty awesome (I mean, it’s a song about an orange car!), and they’ve been gaining a lot of positive recognition ever since. With their heavy percussion and strong riffs carried by wonderfully catchy hooks, they’ve set themselves up for some pretty big things. Watch this space.

Finally it’s IVORYSERFS – a four-piece band who describe their own style as `Post-Shoe-Psych-Gaze-Punk-Funk-Hip-Indie-Hop-Rock-Elevator music’. Right… if that doesn’t make you want to experience them live I seriously have no idea what will. Their pensive lyrics and percussive Hip-Hop based tunes are mixed with a bit of Psych and Punk. Think of them as a delectable cake made up of many, many ingredients that you definitely want to consume until you’re sick.

By the way, if after that incredible line-up you’re still physically able to party some more (and you’re not going to worry your mum), there’s an after party at Brass Monkey to go to. Endless Saturday night fun!

Saturday 25th April
Nottingham Contemporary
Doors: 9:00pm
Tickets: FREE!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x