Another seven days have passed and we’ve got plenty more awesome gigs going off in the Nottingham music scene. This week sees an EP launch, a musical tea party and a rather eclectic gig!


Following a bunch of top notch acts to grace the stage at The Bodega. JOSH KEMP is next in line to do a headline show this Friday, releasing his latest EP “Chatterbox.” With some ace support acts be prepared for an evening of happy upbeat tunes and Josh’s charming… well, charm, as he takes you on a musical journey of catchy hook lines, quirky lyrics all combined with his unique use of live looping. If that isn’t enough for you the launch is also Josh’s birthday too, so they’ll be party vibes all around!

Opening the evening we have the lovely sounds of MOLLY & JACK. Bringing you a fusion of jazzy chords, catchy melodies and some of the most beautiful, crystal-clear harmonies we’ve ever heard.. Expect some serious Acoustic bliss for the soul.

Following we have the lively Pop Rock of FSN 2014 finalists THE RASCELS who are bound to get you going crazy with your air guitar!. Expect some classic Summer Pop anthems to warm you up and that might just remind you of Pop at it’s early 2000s peak!. They’ve got plenty of new tunes to play off their new EP “This Is”… as in “This Is The Rascels”… get it? We see what they did there….

Price: £3 ADV/ £5 OTD
Doors: 7pm


Playing his first headline show in Nottingham since 2008, this Saturday Nottingham Contemporary will be hosting a fine evening of music known as a ‘peace love and tea party’ as MATT HENSHAW returns. The tea loving music man does not limit himself to one genre, bringing an eclectic mash up of Psychedelic Blues and Rock’n’Roll with his band SATSUMA ELEPHANTS. He will be doing what he does best, bringing an eclectic set of uplifting soulful stylings. And tea, lots of tea.

There’ll be support from some very familiar faces too. JOSH WHEATLEY will be bringing some of his lovely soft Folk sounds. After what has already been an incredible year with the release his debut EP “Follow The Smoke” way back in January and a successful headline show at The Bodega, we’re sure this will just top it all off. We’ve heard “follow the schmooke, follow the schmoke” plenty of times now, and it’s so catchy, we’re still looking for it, but we just keep ending up outside in the cold… Josh?

Also supporting is beatbox extraordinaire and general hype man of Nottingham MOTORMOUF, who you may also have scene fronting the Sci-FI Rock ‘N’ Roll band JUST JAMES. One of the most hardworking musicians in Notts MOTORMOUF is always collaborating with local talents. This Saturday you can catch him doing a classic solo set. Now experimenting with a loop pedal this is sure to be a unique new addition to a show that should not be missed!

Doors: 8pm


Also cracking off this weekend is an awesome gig at The Chameleon hosted by Pop duo I AM LONO the pioneers of “Claustrophobic, Pounding, Paranoid Pop music gold.” For just the small fee of 4 quid you can get your groove on this Sunday to some jiving bass hooks, catchy choruses and synth paradise. There really is nothing quite like them in Notts, so do not miss out!

If you like having your face ripped off by some epic heavyness (in a good way of course), then you’re gonna absolutely love MANNEQUIN. With thrashing drums, some sick riffs and vocals that put across beautiful pain unlike anything we’ve ever heard, MANNEQUIN are an incredible live band, and definitely worth checking out!

The nomadic Blonde Bunny will also be performing.

Price: £4
Doors: 8pm

Yours in Love of New Music,
Katey Dawson/Sam Nahirny x

P.S SAINT RAYMOND will be supporting Ed Sheeran at the Arena for two shows this week, which is pretty massive news! However, it’s such massive news, the dates have gone and sold out… but big up everyone who got tickets, they’re gonna be very special nights!