This week sees yet another ace seven days for the Nottingham music scene, with a right mish mash of genres across the week!


On Wednesday you can expect to find five Alternative bands over at The Maze for Notts In A Nutshell!

Kicking things off we’ll have the soulful sounds of JOEL PRICE. Joel’s quite new to the scene, and as he hasn’t put any material out onto the world wide web yet, we can’t exactly describe his sound to you. But, considering that NIAN has been the first step for plenty of amazing talent, we reckon he’ll put on an ace show.

Next up we’ve got 2 HOURS LATE who bring a bit of a heavier Alternative sound to the evening. Catchy heavy riffs and percussion, mixed with fast vocals make for something totally unqiue, and highly enjoyable. We reckon a few mosh pits might be kicking off!

Following we’ll have those fellas in LESS THAN NOTHING, our Artist of the Month last month, we were stunned by their debut album “It Will Set You Free”, an entirely instumental album, but one that kept you hooked the entire way through. We cannot wait to see some of these new tunes live, and trust us, even if you’re not into instrumental stuff normally, chances are you’ll love these guys!

BREAKING BONES are up next with some good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll. I think the band sum themselves up the best when they say that they “just want to play the kind of stuff that got us into Rock music. Aerosmith, Van Halen, AC/DC…” You can definitely see the classic Rock influence, and these guys certainly bring the Rock party!

Finally, rounding the night off in true headbanging style, we have AN EMPIRE WILL FALL; a band whose name kind of gives away their sound. These fellas make Melodic Deathcore. What’s that mean? It means one minute they’re thrashing your face off with intense riffage and screams, and the next, you’re singing along at the top of you lungs to some of their ridiculously catchy melodies. Definitely worth a watch!

Price: £3
Doors: 7:30PM


This Thursday at The Golden Fleece you can expect to find some tip-top talent to kick off your pre-weekend in the best way!

Starting us off we’ve got the in your face Rock & Roll sounds of SAME STREETS. Despite the lads still being in their teens, this lot have got an incredibly refined sound. With tight songwriting, a knack for a catchy melody, and bags of swagattude (yup, I made that up, no, I don’t regret it), these guys always put on a wicked show, and we’re sure this night will be no different!

Following we’ll have the honest Country-Folk sounds of MATT MCAULIFFE. We honestly love Matt’s songwriting here at Nusic, I mean, not too many peeps can get away with a song called “I Feel Shit”, but Matt does, and he manages to somehow cheer even the most miserable of sods up with his music. Highly recommended!

Finally, rounding the night off we’ve got ELLIE MAE KEEGAN, a lovely lass from Mansfield who makes what she describes as “Soft-Folk.” Now that probably gives you a good idea of what to expect, but, what you won’t be expecting is her incredibly soulful vocal which stuns pretty much everyone who hears it! With an EP on the way,she’s got plenty of new tunes to astound you with, and we’re sure she’ll round the night off in style!

Price: Free
Doors: 8PM


On Saturday, Nottingham Contemporary are putting on an event called COLLABOR-8, which is a unique art event all about taking selfies. It sounds proper interesting, but from a Nusic perspective, there’ seven Notts musicians taking to the stage!

Kicking things off we’ll have the youthful girl Punk of BABE PUNCH. A fairly new band, this will be their first ever gig! As they’re also new to the social media world, they haven’t got any material online, but we’re sure they’ll got a raucous party going off at Tempreh!

PHOEBE BALL will be bringing some of her soulful sounds to the evening. Phoebe mixes loads of different genres together to make a catchy little concoction that sounds totally unique. Hints of Folk, Jazz, Soul and Acoustic can be heard through her voice, and she has a knack for writing a super sweet song too.

STARZ is up next with her Atmospheric Indie sounds. Despite being just 15, you’ll have seen Starz putting her all in at loads of gigs around the city, and making quite a name for herself. We’re not surprised though, with her beautiful voice and honest songwriting, she’s definitely a treat for the ears.

EX-FRIENDLY will be bringing his soulful productions to the evening. This fella makes Electronic Soul and adds some slick vocals on the top, to make sounds that are as soothing to listen to as they are satisfying. Quite unlike anything we’ve heard recently, we highly recommend you give this fella a listen.

TRAY ELECTRIC keeps the Electronic vibes going with his melodic Electronica. Whether you’re dancing your arse off to it, or just sitting back and appreciating it, tunes like “Sonnet”, really are something special live, so you’re in for a treat with this performance!

Rounding everything off we have WANDERLINGS who bring some Psychedelic Dream-Pop to the evening. A band that are as brilliant as they are out there. WANDERLINGS bring euphoric spacey sounds that wouldn’t seem odd as the soundtrack to one of Noel Fielding’s creations, and we mean that as a compliment.

Doors: 7.30PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x