Another seven days have passed and this week there’s three more brilliant gigs we urge you to get your butts down to. The first is a high energy Rock gig, the second, an absolutely MASSIVE band with some very special guests, and the third is a festival with over twenty Notts acts!


The First gig we’ve got for you features the delicious Hard Rock sounds of PATRIOT REBEL, with support from EVA PLAYS DEAD, YOU WANT FOX, DESENSITISED and Parasight in the Rock City Basement on Tuesday.

Whilst on their UK tour, PATRIOT REBEL are coming home to give you full, unadulterated Rock (but don’t hold me to the unadulterated part…) Aiming to take the UK by storm with their colossal riffs and soaring melodies, these guys are ready to smash hits and take hearts with the national release of their incredible EP `Two Worlds‘. Watch this space. The first support of the night is Parasight from Derbyshire.

Second support is DESENSITISED – a incredibly cool girl band with influences such as Nirvana, Hole and Joan Jett. This band combines 90s Grunge and Modern Rock, taking on a genre of their own. With passionate vocals, thick guitar riffs and smooth bass lines, this band are sure to get you pumped.

YOU WANT FOX are up next, a fierce female Grunge duo with girl-power attitude on par with The Runaways. Their recent release `Bad Girls‘ is a call to all females to embrace their naughty side. The military style drums that open the song provides imagery of a cavalry of tough, independent girls coming to kick ass and crush patriarchal balls in the palms of their beautifully manicured hands. They’re loud, fun and full of loaded Lolita style lyrics.

The last support for the night is EVA PLAYS DEAD, fronted by `boss-lady’ Tiggy Dee with her Punk infused vocal. They’ve previously described their sound as ‘arrogant, loud and sexy’, which pretty much says it all. If you love Rock music injected with gallons of sass, (and if you also like tinnitus), you’re gonna be in for a treat.

Tuesday 28th April
Rock City Basement
Doors: 6:00pm
Tickets: £6


Prepare to have your faces explode with excitement, because THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA are back, and have organised a concert at the Masonic Hall on Saturday, with some very special guests…

Like some kind of hungry giant roaming around Nottingham’s musical hotspots and foaming at the mouth, THE INVISIBLE ORCHESTRA have nabbed `enough band members to lawfully be considered a riot’ (Leftlion). The symphony’s incredible army of musicians consist of 32 pieces; including a core rhythm section of drums, double bass, guitar, percussionists, congas, and a Grammy award winning Hammond organist, and is supported by a full compliment of saxophones, tuba, sousaphones, cornet, trumpets, and trombones. The ensemble of endless creative minds is also joined by an added string quartet and piano, `cause, y’know, the others just weren’t enough for them. This musical monster has been hiding up a tree somewhere, plotting with a pondering singular finger on its hairless chin; who could they entice next to join their musical mob…?

Well, Hip-Hop legend SCORZAYZEE has been captured (who is one of our Artists of the Month, FYI), joined by Stoned Soul Picnic, along with four time World DMC champion Turntableist Mr Switch, and King Kaluha. It’s going to be an incredible night, as the band combine Orchestral sweeps with a plethora of weird and wonderful genres including Dirty Funk, Soul, Big Band, Arabic Punk and more. Prepare to be stunned, but I’d maybe keep about 10 feet away at all times if I were you…

Saturday 3rd May
Masonic Hall
Doors: 7:30pm
Tickets: £15


This bank holiday The Golden Fleece are holding a brilliant little festival full to the brim of Nottingham musical goodies, right from Sunday afternoon to Monday night. Also it’s flippin’ Star Wars themed! The best costume wins a Jedi training session with Yoda and three of Anakin Skywalker’s severed limbs. Lol jk, it’s not specified what you win but I suspect it’s something cool. May the 4th be with you and all that.

This is going to be a collossal paragraph, so bear with me… *deep breath*

On Sunday 3rd of May things kick off from 1pm, starting with nine-piece band UNKNOWN ERA, who will bring some incredibly feel-good Reggae mash-up sounds to start the festivities (is it me or are bands getting more and more members recently…?) DOUBLE HELIX will be up after – who are a Jazz-Rock fusion trio with some incredibly moreish songs, followed by SATNAMS TASH, who are a three piece self-proclaimed ‘Philosophy Rock’ band (interested to find out what that genre is? Good). European Cafe Culture sounds are coming to you next, straight from the amazing harmonica infused ALTA PUEBLO (Which is a hugely fun name to say out loud, by the way). THE DOWNPAGE LIBERATION will be up next, who are from “The Midlands” *hisssss*, followed by THE AMBER HERD; a psychedelic Alt-Rock/Post-Punk five piece band with Pop sensibilities. Following that (yep, there’s more) will be the Bluesy LOUIS ANTONIO – a Singer-Songwriter providing gorgeously soulful Rock songs that’ll get in your brain, forever. After that there will be the Post-Hardcore sounds of INSULTANA (mm, sultanas), followed by the young but stunningly mature sounds of Bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roll artist TOM MCCARTNEY. To round of the day there will be the overly qualified ED MED, who’s had 16 years of experience in several different bands and has now decided to ride solo and show us some of his more concentrated skillz. Like an espresso shot of quality music, if you like.

Still with me? Kind of? Okay…

On Monday 4th May the party kicks back in, starting with the six-piece Funksters BOSS MAGNET, who will give you some incredible cool ‘Power Funk’ and Soul music that’ll blow your socks, shoes and feet off. Following that will be the Grungey sounds of YOU WANT FOX – the ultimate Girl-Power band that make The Spice Girls look even sillier. First Signs of the Aftermath will be on after that, followed by Striped Sight from Lincoln. (Still going…) CATBONE will grace the stage next with their incredibly groovy Alternative tunes, followed by four piece Rock band TICKETHOLDER, who possess loads of charisma, heavy basslines and swooping guitar riffs. CIBELE will follow, with a bit of Matt McCaullife from Manchester. PAUL WALKER will be provided as a chaser (nope, not the guy from Fast & Furious), followed by JD THE ACOUSTIC ANARCHIST who will give to you passionate anarchistic music (it’s in the name!) influenced by Prog-Rock, Blues and Metal.

Did you get all that? Good. Now go away, I need to catch my breath.

Saturday 3rd May – 4th May
The Golden Fleece
Doors: 1:00pm
Admission: FREE!

Yours in Love of New Music,
Emily Rose Malone x