We’ve got a ram packed week in the Nottingham music scene for you yet again. This week sees a killer Pop-Punk show, and two incredible festivals to fill your musical boots!


ADELPHIA, LACEY, HELLO TOMORROW & CUT THE HEROICS will all be performing at Rock City’s basement this Friday for a bit of a Pop-Punk lovefest!

This night is gonna be right up your street if you love having a bit of a mosh, and shouting along to some of the catchiest Alternative tunes that Notts has to offer.

ADELPHIA make melodic Alternative Rock that is unbelievably catchy. Seriously, you just need to hear “Do Your Worst” once before you’re screaming “RAIISEE YOUR GLASS” at the top of your lungs! They manage to offer a mix of faster, perfect for moshing tunes, as well as a few touching ballad’s too. Don’t stand in the middle if you wanna leave bruise-free!

LACEY on the other hand are more on the poppier side Now don’t get me wrong, you’ve still got plenty of breakdowns, catchy guitar riffs, and driving percussion. But with these guys, you get huge Pop-Punk hooks that stay in your head for days on end. No wonder Kerrang! are crazy about em!

Supporting we have HELLO TOMORROW and CUT THE HEROICS. HELLO TOMORROW won the Noise From the Next Generation competition a few months back, which saw them play their anthemic Pop-Punk at the massive venue that is the Royal Concert Hall; so as you can imagine, these fellas know what they’re doing.

CUT THE HEROICS remind us of everything we loved about 90s Pop-Punk. Fast paced rhythmic guitars, short punchy chords, and straight to the point lyrics. There’s a quote from The Maze on their Facebook that describes them as Blink-182 meets Weezer; and that sums ‘em up perfectly!

Price: £5
Doors: 6:30PM


Next up on our Top Three we have the Broadway Festival at The Lacehouse. It’s a two dayer, with stuff going off all over Friday and Saturday, and the money raised is going towards the Peter Cowley Africa Trust. Whilst there’s loads of ace stuff like ping pong and ice cream to get stuck into, there’s also loads of great Notts musicians performing. We’ve listed all those announced at time of writing below…

MOLLY & JACK’s sweet Acoustic sounds will be soothing your soul. If you haven’t seen our Future Session with them yet, you better get on it, cos it really is something special. There’s lots of duos out there; but not many harmonise together as well as these two… maybe it’s cos they’re in lurrvee or somethin.., but seriously, their voices compliment each other incredibly well and are really enjoyable to listen to.

THE G.O.A CHOIR will be bringing their HUGE bashful sounds to the proceedings too. Full of character, and a fair few belting voices too; these lot make soulful concoctions that are laced with beautiful harmonies and one or two vintage influences.

BITTER STRINGS will add a bit of slick retro flavour to the weekend. Known for their catchy Soul-Pop sounds, these guys are all about the performance. Besides looking like perfect popstars, every part of their sound is refined; and they’re bound to have you singing along to their ridiculously catchy melodies.

IZZY MARIE HILL will be bringing a bit of uplifting pure Pop to the stage. She calls her music “Quirky-Pop”, and if you’ve heard her songs or seen her videos you’ll know why. Whilst her sound is very enjoyable, uplifting traditional Pop; her song content is often about stuff like Chuck Norris or Spacemen. It’s bloody catchy though, and it’s the kind of stuff that cool kids will try to hate, but won’t be able to cos it’s too damn enjoyable!

CHESHIRE & THE CAT will be jazzing the festival up a bit. If you wanna get the party started, there aren’t many bands better than these guys. With their unique breed of catchy Acoustic-Jazz-Pop they’ll have you up and dancing before you can say “Jazz-Hands” (that was a bad pun, I know.)

GEMMA INGLES will bring a touch of Folk to the festival. With her incredibly soothing voice and knack for writing an incredibly catchy melody; Gemma is bound to soothe your soul, and have you watching in pure admiration at her beautiful compositions.

Keep an eye on the FB Event for any new acts that are being announced – LINK

Price: Free
Doors: 5PM


Rounding us off we have the Waterfront Festival at The Canalhouse this Saturday. Put together by I’m Not From London and Audacious Face, they’re putting on around forty Notts acts over the course of one day, all to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Indee Rose Trust.

Who can you expect to find at this beauty of a festival? Well…


Those familiar fellas CHESHIRE & THE CAT will be kicking things off with their Jazzy party sounds, the brilliantly named HALLOUMINATI will be bringing their Gypsy/Electro/Ska/Balkan/Greek/Punk Mashup sounds (their words, not mine) and ULYSSES STORM will be bringing a bit of “bombastic off-kilter Blues Dance-Rock”. If bands keep writing descriptions like this about themselves I’m gonna be out of a job! SALMAGUNDI will be bringing a bit of World music flavour with them, while PRIVATEERS bring a bit of an out of the box take on Alt-Rock. SEA MONSTER EYES will bring their catchy Indie melodies, BIG RHINO will bring a bit of hilarity in Gypsy Pop-Rock form, and ROYSTON DUXFORD’s dirty Country Rock n Roll will have you getting a little crazy, before DEAF BRIDGES have you dancing your socks off to their unique “Danger-Pop”. MAMMOTHWING will kick the mosh pits off with their Doom-Rock (it’s a lot nicer than it sounds, honest!), IRON SWAN will add more fuel to the mosh pit fire with their Sludge-Rock, and WIDOWS will will be rounding the Nottingham side of things all off with their bone crushing grooves and swagger.


Kicking the CRock stage off (yep, I know that sounds rude), we have EAR VINGS, a band that we couldn’t find much on despite our journalistic endeavours. THE DAMN HEAVY are up next with their “damn heavy” (see what we did there?) Bluesy sounds, BAND OF JACKALS keep the Bluesy Alt-Rock sounds going, before PRACTICAL LOVERS take to the stage and switch it up with their dark Electro-Pop sounds. APRIL TOWERS are bound to get everyone up and dancing with their upbeat Electronic Pop, HEY QUADRAPHONIC will keep the floor moving with their catchy Disco-Pop sounds and THE BARNUM MESERVE will practically have the floor shaking with their huge epic Pop-Rock sounds. ORIGIN ONE take things in a different direction with their Dub-Reggae crossover which is bound to get you skanking, fresh from Glasto, ONE BOMB take things in a more Electronic-flavoured Dance direction, before the epic Indie-Pop sounds of CAPTAIN DANGEROUS round off the stage in style, with a huge bloody orchestra behind them!


ISSAKA will kick things off with her beautiful Neo-Soul sounds, ASHMORE will bring a bit of his unique Gypsy/Jazz/HIp-Hop breed and a fair few catchy hooks too. CONNOR SPRAY’s angsty Acoustic sounds will have you hooked on every strum, while JOSH WHEATLEY’s soft sweet melodies will melt your heart. HEARTS will bring a touch of melodic Indie to the afternoon, while JAMIE MOON’s touching, chilled Acoustic bliss will soothe your soul. LEAH SINEAD’s traditional Folk sounds will tug at your heartstrings, ANWYN WILLIAMS will have you hooked into her beautiful stories and JOSH KEMP will be telling a cheeky tale or two with a bit of help from his mate Mr loop pedal. BUD will lift everyone’s spirit’s with her cheery happy Pop sounds, OPIE DEINO will bring a bit of an Alternative Acoustic edge, potty mouth FRAZER LOWRIE will be explaining why “nobody likes a dickhead” and RYAN THOMAS will bring a bit of the good ol’ fashioned Blues to the stage. SAM JONES’ll be dazzling you with an entire new EP’s worth of his ace Acoustic-Folk, 94 GUNSHIPS will have you downing your whisky to get on the dancefloor with their gruff Blues sounds, and THE MOST UGLY CHILD will top it all off with some of the best Americana you’ll find this side of the Atlantic!

Price: £7
Doors: 12PM

Yours in Love of New Music,
Sam Nahirny x

P.S The phenomenal RONIKA will be doing her first live Notts show in ages this Friday at The Bodega, with support from ONE BOMB. It would have stood a very strong chance of being in the Top Three, as we’re sure it’s going to be a bleddy ace gig; but unfortunately, it’s gone and sold out! So, we’ll wish all those who lucky enough to nab a ticket a good time, and we apologise in advance for our dancing; it’s not a pretty sight!