This week is absolutely rammed with incredible Notts gigs in the Nottingham music scene. Seriously. This week we have an Acoustic love-fest, an Electronic vs Rock double gig and an absolutely full to the brim lineup of varied local talent!

First up, we have HUSH #3 over at The Maze this Wednesday, which will feature some of Nottingham’s most talented singer/songwriters.

CHLOE CHARLEMAGNE’s sickly-sweet retro Soul-Pop sounds are up first. Chloe manages to mix 90s R&B and Dance with contemporary Pop to makes something entirely unique, but also satisfyingly familiar. “Lucky For Some” has one of the catchiest pop hooks we’ve heard in years, and we’re sure you’ll be singing it for days to come.

Next up we have that familiar fella FRAZER LOWRIE. He’ll be gracing the stage with songs from his soon to be released brand new EP. Don’t get it twisted, we’re not talking about that EP that came out a few months ago, oh no, Frazer’s already at it with a new EP! The dirty bogger! All joking aside, we’ve loved Frazer’s last EP loads, so we look forward to hearing this new stuff live.

To follow, we’ll have some chilled-out, Folky sounds from HEARTS. The trio all have beautiful, tender voices; and when they sing together, they make some truly awe-inducing harmonies. And we can’t wait to hear them live!

WILL BAILEY is perhaps best known as the frontman of that mental lot in ARSE FULL OF CHIPS; well, unfortunately those guys called it a day a few months ago. So, this Wednesday he’s going it alone to let his more thoughtful and serious side shine, with what he calls ‘pretty depressing’ music. If you fancy wallowing in your own self-pity and maybe having a little cry, be sure not to miss him.

KANE ASHMORE’s Reggae-Gypsy-Jazzy-Hip-Hoppy fusion will be up next. Well respected in Notts for being a great lyricist, and producer, this time Kane will be taking to the stage with just his guitar to accompany him. With a slick flow, some bloody catchy hooks; and a great uplifting vibe, Kane always delivers a great performance, and we’re sure this will be no different.

To wrap up the show, the manager of The Maze itself, Mr GAZ PEACHAM, will be playing a few of his solo ditties. Oh, and it’s his birthday. So make sure you pop down and buy him a pint!



This Friday you lucky lot get a 241 over at The Lacehouse, where for one small price, you get entry to two nights. Not bad.


SHELTER POINT will undoubtedly hypnotise you with mesmerising electronic sounds and captivating vocals. These guys really are something special; I challenge you not to be left in awe by vocalist Liam’s stunning falsetto. Considering they’ve just signed to RCA, we suggest checking them out while you still can; before they’re jetting off to L.A or somewhere to record a multi-million dollar album.

KETO are up next; a fairly new band, you may recognise their vocalist LEAH SINEAD, as she’s been making quite a name for herself on the local scene in recent years. Well, with KETO, she’s not just doing Folk, oh no. They make an enchanting blend of Acoustic and Electronic sounds; with little sprinkles of Folk on top. I just described them like an ice cream. They’re better than ice cream. That’s a quote if you’ve ever heard one!


Downstairs, CLUMP will introduce…

KAGOULE, with their infectious grungy sound; are sure to tear the basement up. With the speakers situated in a circle around the audience, prepare for an all out assault on your eardrums. If you’re lucky, the performance might end like their Dot to Dot gig – with a mass spanking. Make sure to get down to the front!

Also downstairs we’ll have GREY HAIRS, who describe themselves as angry people who can’t be arsed to do anything about it, apart from make music. Well, we’re rather happy that they can be arsed to make music, cause their raucous, distorted Rock sounds; make for an incredible live show.



This weekend sees The Great Notts Show come to the Market Square, and thanks to I’m Not From London, you can expect to see 17 great Notts acts as you enjoy your pint in the sun. Kind lot, aren’t they?

So, who can you expect to see? Well…


Opening the Notts side of things, we have the delicate Singer-Songwriter sounds of ADAM PETER SMITH; considering his album is due out very soon, we’re sure he’ll have plenty of new material to astound you with. Next, we’ll have the gritty, Bluesy sounds of RYAN THOMAS; this fella ended up No.1 on the iTunes Blues chart, so you know he must be something special! Following we’ll have the absolutely stunning sounds of DAUDI MATSIKO, whose latest EP “A Brief Introduction To Failure” is absolutely breath taking. FRAZER LOWRIE will be bringing his “jangly” Acoustic sounds next, along with a few of those new songs. TAZER will be rocking things up a bit with their Bluesy Rock & Roll which apparently sounds like “The Black Keys in a fist fight with The Rolling Stones”. ONEGIRLONEBOY will be bringing their dark Electro-Pop sounds next; considering they’ve been working on their new EP, you might get a sneaky preview of some of the new tracks. Rounding off the night we’ll have ROYSTON DUXFORD who play a dirty concoction of Country, Blues and Rock & Roll; we’re sure they’ll have you dancing into the early hours.


Kicking the Notts side of things off we’ll have MARTIN SANDERS, who brings traditional Country-Blues sounds to the proceedings. THREE GIRL RHUMBA are up next, bringing their uplifting Indie-Rock sounds, as well plenty of catchy hooks. NORTH ROAD follow with their in your face, proper Rock and Roll energy. Whereas THE BREAKFAST CLUB make things a bit poppier, and bring some incredibly catchy, and funny little ditties to the stage. CADETS follow with their widely influenced Indie sounds, before GEORGIE ROSE and her band take to the stage with their amplified Fleetwood-Mac esque sounds. Finally, rounding off the Saturday, we have the incredibly infectious Soul-Pop of ROB GREEN.


There isn’t as much cracking off on the Sunday; but there’s still plenty of fine talent to be found here. Starting it all we’ll have THE IDOLINS who make some truly beautiful Acoustic Folk, that just puts a smile on your face! Following we’ll have the majestic sounds of Pirate band SEAS OF MIRTH. I’m gonna let their performance do the talking for itself; let me just say they put on quite a show! Finally, we’ll have FSN 2013 winners THE GORGEOUS CHANS, who will bring their uplifting big-band party sounds to get everybody dancing!

Doors: Friday – 1PM, Saturday – 2PM, Sunday – 12PM
Price: Free

Yours in Love of New Music,
Harleen Badwell/Sam Nahirny x

P.S We’re putting on our next Nusic Academy Workshop this Tuesday at Antenna; this time on the lessons that can be learnt from JAKE BUGG’s success. We’ve got his dad, his unofficial biographer, and the journo who knows him best to share their stories, and insights into Jake’s success. It’s free, but tickets are required. You can get them from HERE.